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you are not going to really know someone by reading what they write in here.!!!

Action speak louder then words....


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WarBow JulianColin 3:36:23 pm Turian Nights
alexnyc WarBow 3:34:59 pm Turian Nights
alexnyc WarBow 3:34:47 pm Turian Nights
3327444518 WarBow 3:33:28 pm Turian Nights
WarBow WarBow 2:38:39 pm Jotnar Marauder
Kora Kroll WarBow 2:33:44 pm Jotnar Marauder
WarBow Dioni Fang 2:30:30 pm Jotnar Marauder
BryanMcDowell WarBow 2:23:16 pm Jotnar Marauder
WarBow BryanMcDowell 2:23:15 pm Jotnar Marauder
WarBow LittIeMouse 2:05:37 pm Eternal
WarBow BasysiK 2:04:23 pm Eternal
BasysiK WarBow 2:03:53 pm Eternal
BasysiK WarBow 2:03:42 pm Eternal
LittIeMouse Odo Dryke 2:01:35 pm Eternal
Freak Gothly WarBow 2:01:30 pm Eternal
WarBow Daciah 2:00:13 pm Eternal
WarBow charleman 1:58:52 pm Eternal
LittIeMouse WarBow 1:32:01 pm Magi of Ianda
sarasd Karu WarBow 1:31:06 pm Magi of Ianda

Dewi Latzo WarBow 4:13:04 pm Skerry of Einar
XRandyX WarBow 4:09:59 pm Skerry of Einar
Wrekgar Highwater WarBow 4:07:57 pm Skerry of Einar
WarBow LittIeMouse 3:55:13 pm Skerry of Einar
WarBow distruction Acer 3:40:30 pm Skerry of Einar
WarBow distruction Acer 1:12:38 pm Argentum Mines
WarBow Brookes Christenson 1:07:28 pm Argentum Mines
tonioni2 Brookes Christenson 1:06:52 pm Argentum Mines

LittIeMouse WarBow 2:11:00 pm Eternal
LittIeMouse WarBow 2:10:23 pm Eternal
MONIKE2014 WarBow 2:06:25 pm Eternal
WarBow Rickie Rabeni 2:06:18 pm Eternal
py0py harry Moonwing 2:05:38 pm Eternal
WarBow Elena Audebarn 12:53:15 pm Eternal
oeclipse WarBow 10:22:58 am Eternal
Ezio Sabretooth WarBow 10:21:55 am Eternal