Registered 2017-04-19 23:01:17
K/D 1:1.35
Binds 1.44:1
Bandages 1:1.18

Bɾყαɳ MƈժσɯҽӀӀ



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  • You Failure
    But i'll award you this achievement anyway. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



BryanMcDowell Cupcake Khaos 4:25:01 pm Valkyrie Forest
Diggitydon Artis BryanMcDowell 4:14:57 pm Valkyrie Forest
Diggitydon Artis BryanMcDowell 4:13:08 pm Valkyrie Forest
LittIeMouse (Outcast) BryanMcDowell 4:11:54 pm Valkyrie Forest
LittIeMouse (Outcast) BryanMcDowell 4:07:29 pm Valkyrie Forest
Nadelya (Tarnfighter Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 2:22:31 pm Outcast
Nadelya (Tarnfighter Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 2:21:46 pm Outcast
Khalf Wayfarer (Outcast) BryanMcDowell 2:20:20 pm Outcast
LittIeMouse (Outcast) BryanMcDowell 2:18:35 pm Outcast
BryanMcDowell LittIeMouse (Outcast) 2:18:28 pm Outcast
EdenRose Sharple BryanMcDowell 1:48:56 pm Norsvald
Yoshini Nuyasaka (Legendary Of Gor) BryanMcDowell 1:46:33 pm Norsvald
LittIeMouse (Outcast) BryanMcDowell 1:46:00 pm Norsvald
BryanMcDowell Budi Setsuko (TORCA) 1:44:22 pm Norsvald
BryanMcDowell LittIeMouse (Outcast) 1:43:59 pm Norsvald
BryanMcDowell LittIeMouse (Outcast) 12:55:11 pm Norsvald

BryanMcDowell JonasKhan (Valkyrie Forest) 3:48:19 pm Valkyrie Forest
JaneSays Verino (Norsvald) BryanMcDowell 3:47:46 pm Valkyrie Forest
HinataFire (Port of Kassau) BryanMcDowell 3:47:12 pm Valkyrie Forest
Adaginna (Valkyrie Forest) BryanMcDowell 3:45:22 pm Valkyrie Forest
BryanMcDowell Ursweet Dreamscape (Norsvald) 3:41:22 pm Valkyrie Forest
BryanMcDowell Adaginna (Valkyrie Forest) 3:21:55 pm Norsvald
BryanMcDowell Chrissy Ravenhurst (Valkyrie Forest) 3:21:18 pm Norsvald
BryanMcDowell JaneSays Verino (Norsvald) 3:20:45 pm Norsvald
JaneSays Verino (Norsvald) BryanMcDowell 3:20:44 pm Norsvald
BryanMcDowell TinyXtina (Norsvald) 3:18:11 pm Norsvald
TinyXtina (Norsvald) BryanMcDowell 3:18:01 pm Norsvald
BryanMcDowell LittIeMouse (Outcast) 3:16:13 pm Norsvald
BryanMcDowell TinyXtina (Norsvald) 3:14:58 pm Norsvald
TinyXtina (Norsvald) BryanMcDowell 3:14:55 pm Norsvald
anamarie2 BryanMcDowell 2:34:48 pm Norsvald
helenaxforever BryanMcDowell 2:31:12 pm Norsvald
HinataFire (Port of Kassau) BryanMcDowell 2:30:56 pm Norsvald
helenaxforever BryanMcDowell 2:27:56 pm Norsvald
ivanstwo (Legendary Of Gor) BryanMcDowell 2:22:29 pm Norsvald