Modern Gor (GE)

Modern Gor regions tend to be influenced by series such as Gor and Vikings, however sometimes mixing in modern elements (e.g. post apocalyptic, female fighters etc).

These regions tend to vary by theme, environment, and rules. Additionally, these regions may expect you to dress or behave in a certain way.


BTB (By-The-Book) Gorean regions strictly follow the Gor books written by John Norman.

These regions compared to Modern Gor (GE) regions typically consider roleplay of higher importance to combat.

City / Urban

City or Urban regions tend to focus on urban roleplay with drugs, cars, gangs etc.

These regions usually have bullets enabled for physics based combat.

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Game of Thrones

Regions based on the Game of Thrones books by George R. R. Martin.


Regions based on various fantasy genres.

Star Wars

Regions based on the Star Wars series by George Lucas.
  • Heated
    Malrev IV

    Aid Falling Drowning 40% Slave

Capture Roleplay

Capture Roleplay (CARP) regions.


Who knows?

My Regions

These are regions you have rights to modify.

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