A simple, but powerful and modern combat/roleplay system for Second Life - built with security
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No one likes cheaters, so the combat system will prevent common cheats from occuring.


Customize your region with an easy to use interface, no fiddly notecards or slow dialogs.


Earn achievements with hidden rewards and compare yourself to others in the rankings.

Regular Updates.

You won't even need to reconfigure your settings.

2.0b1 (Beta)

21th November 2019
  • Performance improvments

    Large portions of the meter have been rewritten to remove legacy or un-optimized code. The total script count has been reduced by 2, cpu usage has been halved and memory usage has been reduced by 35%.
  • New Server
  • New Menu
  • The region settings message now shows if money is enabled on the region.
  • You can now delete groups from your zCS profile when logged in.
  • Switch to APIv2
  • Meter Bandaging/Stealing

    The meter itself (rather than the HUD) now performs the bandage and steal. This makes bandages and steals quicker to initiate.
  • Coin amount now on the HUD now include pending steals.
  • Reduced the steal time.
  • Steals now get released after 2 hours rather than 24.
  • When bubbled, the meter would constantly update the meter title when it didn't need to.
  • If you left a region while drowning, your health would never recover.
  • Casting/Cooldowns

    The performace impact was not worth it given the usage (or lack of it).
  • Deflection (aka arrow shielding)

    Same as above, usage didn't justify the performance impact.
  • 'Realistic' Fall Damage

    This is quite laggy to keep, so it has been swapped to a system where you take damage whilst falling.
  • 2 Scripts

    7 total => 5 total
  • Customizable Aid time.

    You can now aid people after 90 seconds.
  • /32 resync
  • Heartbeet

Featured Region


Modern Gor (GE)


2 years ago