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Registered 2017-04-26 18:25:27
K/D 1.09:1
Binds 1.08:1
Bandages 1:1.43


Owned by : Damiean Laville
Disclaimer :

I do NOT give a fuck what you think or feel about my owner . HE is my HAPPY PLACE!
Not playing SL much these days But I still check in.


Nephirye does not belong to any groups.


  • The Mummy Returns
    Somehow you manage to spend most of your time bound. (25xp)



Purity Restless (Argentum Mines) Nephirye 6:53:18 pm Argentum Mines
SteveSBD (Argentum Mines) Nephirye 6:49:10 pm Argentum Mines
UntouchableHeartt Nephirye 6:48:54 pm Argentum Mines
MoonZap (Argentum Mines) Nephirye 6:46:50 pm Argentum Mines
Nephirye LikaMooN (Norvillian Outlaws) 6:46:45 pm Argentum Mines
Nummy Leborski (Argentum Mines) Nephirye 6:23:59 pm Norvillian Outlaws
pirate Karillion Nephirye 6:19:47 pm Norvillian Outlaws
gabbygabitza (Norvillian Outlaws) Nephirye 5:32:10 pm Norvillian Outlaws
DimosWarwick (Saphronicus Stronghold) Nephirye 5:29:58 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Nephirye MollyOBijou 5:29:54 pm Norvillian Outlaws
LikaMooN (Norvillian Outlaws) Nephirye 2:46:42 pm Eternal
Kalel Crazyboi Nephirye 2:44:13 pm Eternal

Nephirye Makayla Ronas (Norvillian Outlaws) 8:24:54 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Dragontist Nephirye 8:24:12 pm Norvillian Outlaws
bestservedc0ld (Argentum Mines) Nephirye 8:18:48 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Nephirye S0ngBirdd (Saphronicus Stronghold) 8:17:16 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Nephirye Roro Baily 8:17:03 pm Norvillian Outlaws
kittylover1 Nephirye 11:06:39 am Norvillian Outlaws
Gloriousxsm (Norvillian Outlaws) Nephirye 11:05:40 am Norvillian Outlaws
kittylover1 Nephirye 11:03:04 am Norvillian Outlaws
Nephirye Hacci Shamrock 10:14:58 am Blackwater Mers
Nephirye Chrome Coy 10:13:45 am Blackwater Mers
Nephirye Chrome Coy 10:12:38 am Blackwater Mers
Nephirye Jinny Enyo 10:12:14 am Blackwater Mers
Nephirye Hacci Shamrock 10:12:02 am Blackwater Mers

Lissy Amulet (Norvillian Outlaws) Nephirye 5:26:54 pm Norvillian Outlaws
DimosWarwick (Saphronicus Stronghold) Nephirye 5:25:14 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Nephirye Reese Paster (Saphronicus Stronghold) 5:25:07 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Samira Sabahi (Norvillian Outlaws) Nephirye 4:45:11 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Sonny Homebuilder Nephirye 4:39:30 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Nephirye eratostenea 4:39:29 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Nephirye sanishine 4:38:56 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Nephirye LordRampage 4:17:48 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Nephirye Budi Setsuko 4:07:59 pm Stygia
Jack Pfeffer Nephirye 4:04:06 pm Stygia