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K/D 3.26:1
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Bandages 1.03:1


Although a mask conceals the face of its wearer; the truth is often seen through its eyes.

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  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)
  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)



EyeTeeGuy GudinneBuduhenna 2:32:00 pm Valkyrie Forest
EyeTeeGuy GudinneBuduhenna 2:17:37 pm Valkyrie Forest

Tyat (Unknown) EyeTeeGuy 4:26:48 pm Valkyrie Forest
EyeTeeGuy Raizo Takeda (Unknown) 4:25:42 pm Valkyrie Forest
EyeTeeGuy Jokekiller (Northern Islands) 4:24:34 pm Valkyrie Forest
EyeTeeGuy Warrscythe Dismantled (Northern Islands) 4:22:59 pm Valkyrie Forest
Warrscythe Dismantled (Northern Islands) EyeTeeGuy 4:21:31 pm Valkyrie Forest

Many Mayako EyeTeeGuy 8:57:29 pm Warlord Mercenaries
Many Mayako EyeTeeGuy 8:56:25 pm Warlord Mercenaries
Hiroshikamiko EyeTeeGuy 8:54:50 pm Warlord Mercenaries
EyeTeeGuy MeiYuki Suisei (Sunholm Highland) 8:54:48 pm Warlord Mercenaries
EyeTeeGuy Selene Blackwood 8:54:21 pm Warlord Mercenaries
EyeTeeGuy Gearin 8:53:54 pm Warlord Mercenaries
EyeTeeGuy Hiroshikamiko 8:52:39 pm Warlord Mercenaries
Selene Blackwood EyeTeeGuy 8:25:36 pm Sunholm Highland
Atiyeh Hexem EyeTeeGuy 8:23:39 pm Sunholm Highland
EyeTeeGuy MissyBunny Gloom (Warlord Mercenaries) 8:23:12 pm Sunholm Highland
MissyBunny Gloom (Warlord Mercenaries) EyeTeeGuy 8:23:12 pm Sunholm Highland
EyeTeeGuy Many Mayako 8:15:02 pm Sunholm Highland
Hypr Nova (Unknown) EyeTeeGuy 7:51:13 pm Warlord Mercenaries
ginger Scaggs (Unknown) EyeTeeGuy 7:48:00 pm Warlord Mercenaries
JusticeAnn EyeTeeGuy 7:46:40 pm Warlord Mercenaries
EyeTeeGuy M00NlE (Unknown) 7:46:33 pm Warlord Mercenaries
Dia Galaxy EyeTeeGuy 7:45:25 pm Warlord Mercenaries
EyeTeeGuy Dia Galaxy 7:45:25 pm Warlord Mercenaries
EyeTeeGuy Gunner Shim 7:15:37 pm Unknown
Gunner Shim EyeTeeGuy 7:14:37 pm Unknown
Gunner Shim EyeTeeGuy 7:14:34 pm Unknown
Hypr Nova (Unknown) EyeTeeGuy 7:12:45 pm Unknown

EyeTeeGuy Socrates Dionysus 3:39:38 pm Valkyrie Forest
EyeTeeGuy BitsAndDuce123 2:31:36 pm Valkyrie Forest

EyeTeeGuy EyeTeeGuy 1:55:52 pm Dark Sword Outlaw (Ow...
EyeTeeGuy AndrewAdamson 1:53:50 pm Dark Sword Outlaw (Ow...
AndrewAdamson EyeTeeGuy 1:53:50 pm Dark Sword Outlaw (Ow...
LookingLou69 EyeTeeGuy 1:27:20 pm Dark Sword Outlaw (Ow...