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K/D 1:1.5
Binds 1:1.49
Bandages 1:1.69


I am from United States (Eastern) if you want to know something just ask . It never hurts to ask . but if l don't tell you ,,oh well !!;)
If I'm the only one working to be Friends ,,it's not worth it
I don't look at local much !!!


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Envy Baar (Argentum Mines) Drive2 7:00:23 pm Argentum Mines
CynricSaxon (of the Northmen) Drive2 6:58:00 pm Argentum Mines
MeiYuki Suisei (Tuath) Drive2 6:50:33 pm Argentum Mines
Drive2 Star Aelberts 6:49:17 pm Argentum Mines

Drive2 Arya39Stark 5:04:04 pm Argentum Mines
Drive2 Livia Pixelmaid 5:03:07 pm Argentum Mines
PinnOne Drive2 4:59:17 pm Argentum Mines
Kysten Billig Drive2 4:51:58 pm Argentum Mines
teelanifflertome Drive2 4:23:48 pm Tuath
YashaOhnaka Drive2 4:20:40 pm Tuath
Drive2 Envy Baar (Argentum Mines) 4:19:41 pm Tuath
Dojdinka (Argentum Mines) Drive2 4:15:38 pm Tuath
Drive2 Symphony Composer (Castra Volador) 4:12:06 pm Tuath
Drive2 DyRad (Lydius) 4:10:13 pm Tuath
Drive2 Denzel Coy (LR Weapons / Nidavellir Outlaws) 3:21:38 pm Valkyrie Forest
Drive2 Cream Boucher 1:29:50 pm Valkyrie Forest

Drive2 PatinaMarie (The Ruins) 5:48:07 pm Lydius
Drive2 Menagerie Bayn (Argentum Mines) 5:47:42 pm Lydius
Drive2 Raizo Takeda (Lydius) 5:46:22 pm Lydius
Drive2 KatLeighe 5:45:55 pm Lydius
Drive2 Really Gay (Lydius) 5:45:40 pm Lydius
DyRad (Lydius) Drive2 4:30:18 pm Tuath
Really Gay (Lydius) Drive2 4:29:17 pm Tuath
YashaOhnaka Drive2 4:27:04 pm Tuath
Raizo Takeda (Lydius) Drive2 4:25:02 pm Tuath
sweetk123 Drive2 4:23:09 pm Tuath
Latuss Drive2 4:16:47 pm Tuath
Drive2 Latuss 4:13:20 pm Tuath
Really Gay (Lydius) Drive2 4:10:13 pm Tuath
Drive2 Really Gay (Lydius) 4:10:10 pm Tuath
Drive2 RedAngel1701S 2:19:52 pm The Ruins

Keltie (Argentum Mines) Drive2 6:54:44 pm Argentum Mines
Keltie (Argentum Mines) Drive2 6:53:23 pm Argentum Mines
Keymosabi (TORCA) Drive2 6:48:11 pm Argentum Mines
Drive2 Drive2 6:27:10 pm Tuath