A simple, but powerful and modern combat/roleplay system for Second Life - built with security
made with (and penguins)

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No one likes cheaters, so the combat system will prevent common cheats from occuring.


Customize your region with an easy to use interface, no fiddly notecards or slow dialogs.


Earn achievements with hidden rewards and compare yourself to others in the rankings.

Regular Updates.

You won't even need to reconfigure your settings.

2.04 (Stable)

8th April 2020
  • Teleporting in bubble causing spam

2.03 (Stable)

4th April 2020
  • Reduced memory usage slightly
  • Label bugs
  • Bandage bugs
  • Fall damage bugs
  • Region counter
  • Resets not counting
  • Missing capture stats

2.02 (Stable)

23rd March 2020
  • Reverted back to the old labels
  • HUD menu is now brighter
  • Tweaked the flood protection
  • Increased the contrast on the menu
  • Self-binding too early will now give you the amount of time you need to wait
  • Soundsets labeled incorrectly
  • Mode restore not working
  • Coin transfer issues
  • /32 (un)bind feet
  • /32 announce being cut to the first word
  • Drowning level in certain situations being wrong
  • Region sync bugs

Featured Region


Modern Gor (GE)


7 years ago

Kylie Trill