A simple, but powerful and modern combat/roleplay system for Second Life - built with security
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No one likes cheaters, so the combat system will prevent common cheats from occuring.


Customize your region with an easy to use interface, no fiddly notecards or slow dialogs.


Earn achievements with hidden rewards and compare yourself to others in the rankings.

Regular Updates.

You won't even need to reconfigure your settings.

1.89 (Stable)

6th August 2019
  • Weaker Females

    When this is enabled on a region, avatars with a female shape will take 25% more damage.
    When you're in a sim with this setting set, the gender symbol will display next to your label
  • Bolt Damage (20%)
  • Improved health/defense bar responsiveness.
  • Death/Capture timer now share the same timer which is now red. Bind timer is now on the bottom of the HUD.
  • Rewrote the damage processor.
  • Rewrote the steal process
  • Actions now display at 25% intervals instead of 20% intervals towards completion. (Still same times)
  • Leashing when leasher tps out
  • Being able to start a steal before being able to steal.
  • Stealing whilst bandaging not canceling the bandage animation.
  • Improved HUD responsiveness.

Featured Region

Forest Delight

Port Kar - Raiders of Gor


1 year ago