saarrah Riler

Sha Ƭʀυєѕнσт Vyper


Registered 2017-04-19 01:24:06
K/D 1:7.1
Binds 1:3.31
Bandages 1:1.72

Sha Ƭʀυєѕнσт Vyper Hello my name is Sha. I am here to rp and have fun. I am a proud free woman and former sim owner. Will I be your slave? Emphatically NO I will not be. Hard limits are listed in picks.Want to know more find out icly.
no cap after 9pm est or 6pm sl time
Unks is on a personal Ban - no cap - no RP
Alexny is on personal Ban - no cap- no rp
Nameless is on my personal Ban -no cap - no RP


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