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K/D 1:1.23
Binds 1.83:1
Bandages 1.47:1


no drama , Entertaining, enjoy
"of the Air I am, like every mortal,
of the great flight, terrible...
and I'm here , of step at the stars...."
without Poem .... Lol


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  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)



couset Resident charleman 5:15:17 pm Argentum Mines
couset Resident Anya Sewell 4:29:25 pm Magi of Ianda
couset Resident Omeesha 4:18:17 pm Magi of Ianda
couset Resident Giannia Rossini (Argentum Mines) 4:16:15 pm Magi of Ianda
couset Resident JohnnySilver12 4:13:53 pm Magi of Ianda
couset Resident PaulDelvaux 2:20:50 pm Magi of Ianda
couset Samira Sabahi (Norvillian Outlaws) 11:56:30 am Norvillian Outlaws

012345x couset 7:35:55 pm Kandor Outlaws
012345x couset 7:34:18 pm Kandor Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi Abble Kayor 7:34:15 pm Kandor Outlaws

Menagerie Bayn (Argentum Mines) tommy198 Winslet (Norvillian Outlaws) 7:21:45 pm Norvillian Outlaws
couset kimibellas 6:30:35 pm Mirkwood Forest
Valk Clifton couset 5:03:59 pm Kandor Outlaws
kezvyper (Kandor Outlaws) couset 5:02:59 pm Kandor Outlaws
1David Teichmann (Saphronicus Stronghold) couset 4:58:56 pm Kandor Outlaws
Purity Restless couset 4:58:15 pm Kandor Outlaws
todora Resident couset 4:52:12 pm Kandor Outlaws
Yamabiyan couset 4:49:26 pm Kandor Outlaws
couset PapercutKirigami (Stygia) 4:48:05 pm Kandor Outlaws

Apollo Nemeth couset 7:51:31 pm Stygia
nikias Gertler (Stygia) couset 7:49:24 pm Stygia
couset Crimlitig8r (Stygia) 7:49:15 pm Stygia
couset Sahara Meersand (Stygia) 7:43:03 pm Stygia
couset ivanstwo (Kandor Outlaws) 7:42:27 pm Stygia
couset Sahara Meersand (Stygia) 7:41:26 pm Stygia
Euryalina (Norvillian Outlaws) couset 5:22:56 pm Norvillian Outlaws

couset shikk 12:30:18 pm Kandor Outlaws
couset XRandyX (Stygia) 12:30:07 pm Kandor Outlaws
Purity Restless couset 12:28:47 pm Kandor Outlaws
Macmi Lichlore (Norvillian Outlaws) couset 12:23:31 pm Kandor Outlaws

couset Giannia Rossini (Argentum Mines) 7:08:56 pm Argentum Mines
couset Giannia Rossini (Argentum Mines) 7:08:00 pm Argentum Mines
couset SethCassius 6:19:42 pm Anarchy Mercs
SethCassius couset 6:19:35 pm Anarchy Mercs
Slick Fretwerk (Anarchy Mercs) Ravenor Krell (Anarchy Mercs) 6:14:56 pm Anarchy Mercs