Registered 2017-05-12 06:13:15
K/D 1:1.27
Binds 1:2.18
Bandages 1.48:1

Pαιѕlεч Bαвч

She remembered who she was and the game changed!!.

"as fuck" is my favorite unit of measurement!!
♥ Ciclon....so sexy!! Collared and restricted to him only ♥

I am a complete avatar snob!!

https://gyazo.com/99b7f06820ae692c46fffd22d5167b91 https://gyazo.com/f967ed2409890513a7b3a029b9005d8d


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  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



XvxStormyxvX XvxStormyxvX 10:28:46 pm Colpus Outlaws
Nivnasir (Argentum Mines) XvxStormyxvX 10:23:28 pm Colpus Outlaws
ivanstwo (Colpus Outlaws) XvxStormyxvX 10:19:21 pm Colpus Outlaws
XvxStormyxvX Ashaka Svenson 1:50:33 pm Asgard Wrath
XvxStormyxvX LittIeMouse 1:49:00 pm Asgard Wrath
LittIeMouse XvxStormyxvX 1:48:37 pm Asgard Wrath
XvxStormyxvX RoddySparrow 1:47:55 pm Asgard Wrath
Sane Mode (Asgard Wrath) XvxStormyxvX 1:42:08 pm Asgard Wrath
XvxStormyxvX XRated Bmovie 1:40:46 pm Asgard Wrath
XvxStormyxvX Ferina Foxdale (Skjern Marauders) 1:40:05 pm Asgard Wrath
Ferina Foxdale (Skjern Marauders) XvxStormyxvX 1:40:01 pm Asgard Wrath
Ashaka Svenson XvxStormyxvX 1:38:19 pm Asgard Wrath
LittIeMouse XvxStormyxvX 1:37:02 pm Asgard Wrath
XvxStormyxvX LittIeMouse 1:34:15 pm Asgard Wrath
XvxStormyxvX Nathan4 Waco 1:23:00 pm Asgard Wrath
Izzy Kestrel XvxStormyxvX 12:13:31 pm Asgard Wrath
kittylover1 (Norvillian Outlaws) XvxStormyxvX 12:11:00 pm Asgard Wrath
XvxStormyxvX Nathan4 Waco 12:10:20 pm Asgard Wrath
XvxStormyxvX sarasd Karu (Asgard Wrath) 12:01:43 pm Asgard Wrath
XvxStormyxvX Samira Sabahi (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:00:28 pm Asgard Wrath
KiaraDafne XvxStormyxvX 11:27:01 am Norvillian Outlaws
Simara Serpente XvxStormyxvX 11:25:20 am Norvillian Outlaws
XvxStormyxvX Samira Sabahi (Norvillian Outlaws) 11:20:34 am Norvillian Outlaws
Nathan4 Waco XvxStormyxvX 10:11:19 am Dark Sword Outlaws
XvxStormyxvX Yamabiyan 10:10:42 am Dark Sword Outlaws
Nickk1 (Norvillian Outlaws) XvxStormyxvX 10:10:03 am Dark Sword Outlaws
Yamabiyan XvxStormyxvX 10:08:01 am Dark Sword Outlaws
XvxStormyxvX Dianna73 10:07:50 am Dark Sword Outlaws
XvxStormyxvX Nathan4 Waco 9:27:52 am Kalana Woods
Elenka Bernheim XvxStormyxvX 9:24:46 am Kalana Woods
Malivarr XvxStormyxvX 9:21:39 am Kalana Woods
XvxStormyxvX Malfy (Kalana Woods) 9:21:30 am Kalana Woods
Lamianegra (Stygia) XvxStormyxvX 9:03:53 am Kalana Woods

XvxStormyxvX Gunner Shim 11:15:40 pm Colpus Outlaws
CICLON Admiral (Colpus Outlaws) XvxStormyxvX 8:08:12 pm Colpus Outlaws