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Shaina Moore

,,Be yourself everyone else is already taken." --Oscar Wilde
Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am, My Attitude depends on who you are.
Sometimes I wonder if the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it.
- Mark Twain


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  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)



Seduction Calamity (Asgard Wrath) ShainaMoore 1:43:31 pm Asgard Wrath
kittylover1 (Asgard Wrath) ShainaMoore 1:39:54 pm Asgard Wrath
ShainaMoore BespredeL 1:20:51 pm Marsh Wood
unholy Toxx (Marsh Wood) ShainaMoore 1:14:57 pm Marsh Wood
ShainaMoore aysel Rae (Marsh Wood) 1:14:13 pm Marsh Wood
ShainaMoore Tortured Frequency (Marsh Wood) 1:13:31 pm Marsh Wood
ShainaMoore BasysiK 1:13:22 pm Marsh Wood
ShainaMoore Alatala 1:12:54 pm Marsh Wood

Laigoldberg (Harfax Legion) ShainaMoore 1:49:26 pm Worst Sinners
Szisilia Nakajima ShainaMoore 1:47:41 pm Worst Sinners
ShainaMoore Szisilia Nakajima 1:47:38 pm Worst Sinners
ShainaMoore freespirit Hancroft 12:58:33 pm Brundisium
ShainaMoore petalouditsa (Brundisium) 12:58:31 pm Brundisium
mirra91 (Harfax Legion) ShainaMoore 12:22:00 pm Worst Sinners
Shikaku Shinn (Norvillian Outlaws) ShainaMoore 12:19:19 pm Worst Sinners
Raijin Winkler (Argentum Mines) ShainaMoore 12:18:45 pm Worst Sinners

ShainaMoore Syberius Kuttelwascher 1:53:07 pm HochBurg
ShainaMoore thalassinh 1:49:12 pm HochBurg
ShainaMoore Cezane Diavolo 1:44:28 pm HochBurg
ShainaMoore Szisilia Nakajima 1:39:00 pm HochBurg
Szisilia Nakajima ShainaMoore 1:38:59 pm HochBurg
ShainaMoore Yoshini Nuyasaka (Worst Sinners) 1:37:07 pm HochBurg
Seema0001 ShainaMoore 1:35:56 pm HochBurg
ShainaMoore Seema0001 1:35:54 pm HochBurg
Snowy Starlight (HochBurg) ShainaMoore 1:02:36 pm Worst Sinners
Snowy Starlight (HochBurg) ShainaMoore 1:02:32 pm Worst Sinners
Romeo Darcy ShainaMoore 1:00:54 pm Worst Sinners
Snowy Starlight (HochBurg) ShainaMoore 12:58:26 pm Worst Sinners
Ricard Collas (HochBurg) ShainaMoore 12:56:23 pm Worst Sinners
ShainaMoore Snowy Starlight (HochBurg) 12:56:18 pm Worst Sinners
ShainaMoore thalassinh 12:56:11 pm Worst Sinners
ShainaMoore Rog3rSanch3z 12:56:06 pm Worst Sinners
Gloriousxsm (Harfax Legion) ShainaMoore 12:18:26 pm Worst Sinners
Jason Blackwood ShainaMoore 12:16:22 pm Worst Sinners
Purity Restless (TORCA) ShainaMoore 12:16:04 pm Worst Sinners