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Thorin Rídwulf

If I have learned anything from gor, it is that no one is untouchable. And if you believe yourself to be, I might just have to change that.


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Gloriousxsm (Norvillian Outlaws) S13ND3RM4N 5:09:47 pm Kassau

S13ND3RM4N Budi Setsuko 6:20:46 am Dark Sword Outlaws
poseidone Aho S13ND3RM4N 6:19:27 am Dark Sword Outlaws
PapercutKirigami (Stygia) S13ND3RM4N 6:18:24 am Dark Sword Outlaws
MoisaLee Nasti Deed (Unknown) 6:16:46 am Dark Sword Outlaws
Nasti Deed (Unknown) S13ND3RM4N 6:16:35 am Dark Sword Outlaws
Creative Crisp S13ND3RM4N 6:15:36 am Dark Sword Outlaws
S13ND3RM4N Gustav Szpieler (Unknown) 6:14:18 am Dark Sword Outlaws

S13ND3RM4N Viktor Goode 5:24:19 am Port Kar
S13ND3RM4N Viktor Goode 5:23:10 am Port Kar
S13ND3RM4N VanillaVixen 5:10:17 am Port Kar
S13ND3RM4N KyloVincent 5:05:47 am Port Kar

Yelyth S13ND3RM4N 2:41:02 pm Mirkwood Bay
S13ND3RM4N S13ND3RM4N 2:26:54 pm Mirkwood Bay
Ginger Gill S13ND3RM4N 2:18:59 pm Mirkwood Bay
Alfadir1 S13ND3RM4N 9:41:53 am Mirkwood Bay

S13ND3RM4N S13ND3RM4N 3:07:49 pm Mirkwood Bay
S13ND3RM4N Alfadir1 2:04:14 pm Mirkwood Bay
S13ND3RM4N Alfadir1 2:01:26 pm Valkyrie Forest

TaintedSacrifice S13ND3RM4N 7:27:47 pm Mirkwood Bay
TaintedSacrifice S13ND3RM4N 7:25:11 pm Mirkwood Forest
G2k4 Damone S13ND3RM4N 7:22:27 pm Mirkwood Forest

S13ND3RM4N Alfadir1 5:47:03 am Mirkwood Bay

S13ND3RM4N ledianovitem 1:17:11 am City of Lara