~☭Malen'kiy Vold((Little Wolf))☭~ ~✠Not Gorean Born✠✗ ~☭Russian Accent☭~ ~☭evil dwarf☭


Registered 2017-04-16 19:38:40
K/D 1:2.41
Binds 1:2.31
Bandages 1:3.12


“It doesn’t matter if I’m off the beat. It doesn’t matter if I’m snapping to the rhythm. It doesn’t matter if I look like a complete goon when I dance. It is my dance. It is my moment. It is mine. And dance I will. Try and stop me. You’ll probably get kicked in the face.”
Dan Pearce


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  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



ShayLoganPaine Chaz Lanley 1:47:50 am Genesian Port
ShayLoganPaine Chaz Lanley 1:46:03 am Genesian Port

ShayLoganPaine Tara Applemoor 10:34:28 pm Genesian Port
ShayLoganPaine Tara Applemoor 10:31:45 pm Genesian Port

Falling ShayLoganPaine 11:41:40 pm EQ Weapons
ShayLoganPaine RamsaySN0W 12:18:22 am Genesian Port

johnnyoldsmobile Adamczyk ShayLoganPaine 1:33:02 am Genesian Port
Archaic Fhang (Three Moons Wagon Camp) ShayLoganPaine 1:28:29 am Genesian Port

ShayLoganPaine Athenea Cifuentes 9:20:29 am Precious Gem
ShayLoganPaine Athenea Cifuentes 9:17:24 am Precious Gem
ShayLoganPaine Athenea Cifuentes 9:14:22 am Precious Gem

Hyt3n (Dreams River) ShayLoganPaine 5:56:28 pm Precious Gem

ShayLoganPaine Kail Lefevre 7:19:14 am Sais Village

Michelob Karu (Port Kar - Raiders of Gor) ShayLoganPaine 7:18:17 pm Isle of Tyros

ShayLoganPaine HeavenlyMylove Rain 6:21:07 pm Besnit
ShayLoganPaine ShayLoganPaine 6:20:20 pm Besnit
BigDaddyEgbert ShayLoganPaine 6:08:26 pm Besnit
BigDaddyEgbert ShayLoganPaine 6:05:23 pm Besnit
ShayLoganPaine HoarTheBlue 6:01:38 pm Besnit
ShayLoganPaine Masongequam Lefavre 6:01:06 pm Besnit
ShayLoganPaine zecamarinha 6:00:06 pm Besnit
ShayLoganPaine AldrenWrahtran 5:59:57 pm Besnit
HeavenlyMylove Rain ShayLoganPaine 5:59:17 pm Besnit
Senthroth ShayLoganPaine 5:58:28 pm Besnit
Spinner Rudbarck ShayLoganPaine 5:54:28 pm Besnit
ShayLoganPaine zecamarinha 5:54:18 pm Besnit
HeavenlyMylove Rain ShayLoganPaine 5:53:26 pm Besnit
RomanReignsJr ShayLoganPaine 5:29:16 pm Besnit
RomanReignsJr ShayLoganPaine 5:28:29 pm Besnit
VvBritneyvV ShayLoganPaine 5:26:22 pm Besnit

ShayLoganPaine Cairrenn 6:08:10 pm Besnit

starleavesdream ShayLoganPaine 6:32:54 pm Besnit

Rianne Glendale ShayLoganPaine 4:30:06 pm Besnit
Senthroth ShayLoganPaine 4:28:28 pm Besnit
Ulrich Hydraconis ShayLoganPaine 4:23:13 pm Besnit