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John ' Tripod ' North

Nobody home

Alars, incidentally, are renowned for their capacity to wreak havoc, conduct massacres, chop off heads, and such, and then get a good night's sleep afterwards." (Mercenaries of Gor, p.125)

Tip of the day " when the hospital comes at you with a red thermometer, do NOT say 'Ahhh' "



  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



Louis Luckstone (Norsvald) Noobothrallo (Norsvald) 6:56:09 pm Norsvald
Noobothrallo (Norsvald) Louis Luckstone (Norsvald) 6:56:05 pm Norsvald
RemoBoone Noobothrallo (Norsvald) 6:55:13 pm Norsvald
tequilamaya (Legendary Of Gor) Noobothrallo (Norsvald) 6:53:27 pm Norsvald
Noobothrallo (Norsvald) Deth Darcy 6:53:11 pm Norsvald
Noobothrallo (Norsvald) AvaButton29 (Dark Sword Outlaws) 6:53:05 pm Norsvald

HikoKatsu (Marsh Wood) Noobothrallo (Norsvald) 10:48:24 am Norsvald
HikoKatsu (Marsh Wood) Noobothrallo (Norsvald) 10:47:38 am Norsvald
HikoKatsu (Marsh Wood) Noobothrallo (Norsvald) 10:45:59 am Norsvald
Jorrdyn Noobothrallo 9:59:35 am Marsh Wood
kevinkyle1 Noobothrallo 9:57:46 am Marsh Wood
Noobothrallo Miray Nova (Marsh Wood) 9:57:41 am Marsh Wood
Noobothrallo Louis Luckstone (Norsvald) 9:56:33 am Marsh Wood
Louis Luckstone (Norsvald) Noobothrallo 9:56:32 am Marsh Wood
Makayla Ronas (Norsvald) Noobothrallo 9:54:29 am Marsh Wood
Noobothrallo RemoBoone 9:52:35 am Marsh Wood
Noobothrallo Gunwald Constantine (Dark Sword Outlaws) 9:49:38 am Marsh Wood
Gunwald Constantine (Dark Sword Outlaws) Noobothrallo 9:49:31 am Marsh Wood
Noobothrallo Jorrdyn 9:42:16 am Marsh Wood
Jorrdyn Noobothrallo 9:42:02 am Marsh Wood

bestservedc0ld (Argentum Mines) Noobothrallo 8:35:26 pm Norsvald
Tobie Boa Noobothrallo 8:33:25 pm Norsvald
Noobothrallo Kaara Orsini (Argentum Mines) 8:32:31 pm Norsvald
Noobothrallo Sh4d0w Slade (Norsvald) 8:26:52 pm Norsvald