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Ulfr Njörðr

By engaging into role play with me you consent to: 18+
1. being an adult, able to deal with adult content
2. being emotionaly stable
3. not motivated by ooc about the ooc player
4. ICA = ICC
5. 24hr death is fine, but the story between us ends
6. respect me, I respect you
7. humorous, dark, to twisted storylines
8. When you are unsure, talk. can work it out.
9. I am a strict role player. Don't waste my time.
10. Mods are for when rules are broken, not to prevent bad things icly


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Ezio Sabretooth KullenKill 4:11:44 pm Njordheim
Shroud Spot KullenKill 4:09:42 pm Njordheim

Zarus Neximus KullenKill 8:05:26 pm Rorus
ImmortalKnightage (Rorus) KullenKill 8:01:47 pm Rorus
Bellamiaa KullenKill 7:26:30 pm Rorus
Ezio Sabretooth KullenKill 7:22:03 pm Rorus

KullenKill Karigan Ansar (Njordheim) 5:42:22 pm Raven's Hold

KullenKill Derric Dagger (City of Esalinus) 6:13:34 pm City of Esalinus
KullenKill Quinn Zanzibar (City of Esalinus) 6:12:14 pm City of Esalinus
KullenKill Icedman 6:11:16 pm City of Esalinus

KullenKill IronMane 7:46:53 pm City of Thentis

KullenKill Rafaelo Maruti 2:24:14 pm Njordheim
KullenKill Rafaelo Maruti 2:23:30 pm Njordheim

Rafaelo Maruti KullenKill 7:55:58 pm Port Kar
Harry Horchester KullenKill 7:54:15 pm Port Kar
KullenKill RJInsanity 7:53:31 pm Port Kar
KullenKill EllaDeWren 7:51:44 pm Port Kar
KullenKill EllaDeWren 7:49:30 pm Port Kar
KullenKill EllaDeWren 7:47:21 pm Port Kar
KullenKill Rafaelo Maruti 7:41:53 pm Port Kar
KullenKill Eduard Raynier 7:40:11 pm Port Kar
KullenKill Rafaelo Maruti 7:29:35 pm Port Kar

CandiBlu Ferina KullenKill 7:12:02 pm Ghost Wraiths
CandiBlu Ferina KullenKill 6:47:31 pm Ghost Wraiths
Neema Chester KullenKill 6:43:57 pm Ghost Wraiths
Neema Chester KullenKill 6:41:39 pm Ghost Wraiths
resistantsoul KullenKill 6:41:17 pm Ghost Wraiths
KullenKill Nephirye 5:58:49 pm Kalana Woods
KullenKill SLDiego 5:57:35 pm Kalana Woods
KullenKill Many Mayako 5:56:17 pm Kalana Woods
KullenKill Athanasius1986 5:56:06 pm Kalana Woods

Gage Strom KullenKill 5:54:20 pm Njordheim
Alistar Firecloak KullenKill 5:46:01 pm Island of Svago
Alistar Firecloak KullenKill 5:44:45 pm Island of Svago
William Carver KullenKill 5:44:41 pm Island of Svago