Registered 2017-09-11 15:32:53
K/D 1:1.1
Binds 1.22:1
Bandages 1:1.03


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Angelamelie Dark Kegel 12:56:43 pm Unknown
Angelamelie Dark Kegel 12:55:43 pm Unknown
Angelamelie Dark Kegel 12:54:36 pm Unknown

Gustav Szpieler (Unknown) Angelamelie 1:49:01 pm Unknown
LittIeMouse Angelamelie 1:37:44 pm Unknown
Kahrou (Port of Kassau) Angelamelie 1:35:33 pm Unknown
Angelamelie Spunkee1 1:35:11 pm Unknown
Spunkee1 Angelamelie 1:02:20 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Ashaka Svenson (Norvillian Outlaws) Angelamelie 12:59:03 pm Norvillian Outlaws

Angelamelie Gustav Szpieler (Unknown) 3:00:49 pm Argentum Mines
Angelamelie PJ Blackheart 2:59:06 pm Argentum Mines
Angelamelie Xander Sleydon 2:57:06 pm Argentum Mines
Angelamelie Keltie (Argentum Mines) 2:56:29 pm Argentum Mines
Angelamelie Nasti Deed (Unknown) 2:54:22 pm Argentum Mines
Noble (Unknown) Angelamelie 2:52:35 pm Argentum Mines
Angelamelie Diane Lacombe 2:51:06 pm Argentum Mines
Streellaa Angelamelie 1:49:50 pm Unknown
Angelamelie KingBleda 1:49:46 pm Unknown
Angelamelie PJ Blackheart (Unknown) 1:06:24 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Angelamelie alexnyc 1:05:36 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
PJ Blackheart (Unknown) rubenyosef47 1:05:30 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Angelamelie Gustav Szpieler (Unknown) 12:36:53 pm Unknown
Angelamelie Gustav Szpieler (Unknown) 12:36:16 pm Unknown
Angelamelie Gustav Szpieler (Unknown) 12:35:18 pm Unknown
PJ Blackheart (Unknown) Angelamelie 11:48:01 am Unknown
Nasti Deed (Unknown) Angelamelie 9:55:20 am WTF
Angelamelie Nasti Deed (Unknown) 9:55:08 am WTF
xoxAlitaxox Angelamelie 9:54:21 am WTF
Gunner Shim Angelamelie 9:51:34 am WTF
Angelamelie BigPapa Yifu 9:50:49 am WTF
Angelamelie Tomislav VanDouser (Stygia) 9:50:25 am WTF
Angelamelie hemmae 9:49:45 am WTF
hemmae Angelamelie 9:49:43 am WTF
Xander Sleydon Angelamelie 9:47:12 am WTF
xoxAlitaxox Angelamelie 9:42:56 am WTF