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K/D 1:2.87
Binds 1.85:1
Bandages 1.53:1


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  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



Lucilina (TORCA) hemmae 1:52:05 pm Ascalon Empire
Lucilina (TORCA) hemmae 1:50:52 pm Ascalon Empire
Azerbain (TORCA) hemmae 1:45:08 pm Ascalon Empire
hemmae Louis Luckstone (Valeron) 1:38:16 pm Ascalon Empire
Louis Luckstone (Valeron) hemmae 1:38:13 pm Ascalon Empire
hemmae FadeToSilence 1:33:50 pm Ascalon Empire
Creative Enchantment (Ascalon Empire) hemmae 1:23:29 pm Ascalon Empire
Wisp70 Beam (HochBurg) hemmae 1:20:00 pm HochBurg
Khalf Wayfarer (HochBurg) hemmae 1:17:52 pm HochBurg
XonlymeX hemmae 1:16:33 pm HochBurg
OoopsychobitchooO (Marsh Wood) hemmae 1:14:05 pm HochBurg
hemmae OoopsychobitchooO (Marsh Wood) 1:14:01 pm HochBurg
hemmae XonlymeX 1:12:20 pm HochBurg
XonlymeX hemmae 1:12:16 pm HochBurg
hemmae JonhBlair (Marsh Wood) 1:11:07 pm HochBurg
NoirDesir99 (Marsh Wood) hemmae 1:09:41 pm HochBurg
hemmae NoirDesir99 (Marsh Wood) 1:09:36 pm HochBurg
hemmae EdenRose Sharple 1:06:55 pm HochBurg
EdenRose Sharple hemmae 1:06:30 pm HochBurg
hemmae JonhBlair (Marsh Wood) 1:05:42 pm HochBurg
hemmae Nutella Pancake (Marsh Wood) 1:04:10 pm HochBurg
hemmae Nathan Huntsman (Marsh Wood) 1:00:07 pm HochBurg
Nathan Huntsman (Marsh Wood) hemmae 12:59:53 pm HochBurg
hemmae Louis Luckstone (Valeron) 12:29:26 pm Ascalon Empire
hemmae HimeKatsu 12:23:57 pm Ascalon Empire
JonhBlair (Marsh Wood) hemmae 11:14:30 am Asgard Wrath
JonhBlair (Marsh Wood) hemmae 11:11:51 am Asgard Wrath
hemmae kittylover1 (Asgard Wrath) 11:01:00 am Asgard Wrath
akis1968 (Kalana Woods) hemmae 10:57:10 am Asgard Wrath
hemmae akis1968 (Kalana Woods) 10:57:08 am Asgard Wrath
hemmae NoBodyMindURown 10:55:12 am Asgard Wrath
hemmae akis1968 (Kalana Woods) 10:51:53 am Asgard Wrath
hemmae Anastasia Lexico (Outcast) 10:26:48 am Marsh Wood

hemmae moogy Erin (Blackwater Mers) 2:18:11 pm Blackwater Mers
hemmae Marusya2121 (Norvillian Outlaws) 2:17:09 pm Blackwater Mers