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K/D 1:3.22
Binds 1:11.71
Bandages 1:1.85

Dave Ryu

Fuck the World..

English is not my first language please give me time to type.Thank you....smiles


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PJ Blackheart vigor100 2:04:22 pm Harfax Legion
jambo Ansar (Harfax Legion) vigor100 2:01:36 pm Harfax Legion
Lacey Knickers vigor100 2:00:34 pm Harfax Legion
MoisaLee (TORCA) vigor100 1:25:10 pm TORCA
Shaka Brandris (TORCA) vigor100 1:23:00 pm TORCA
Budi Setsuko (TORCA) vigor100 12:53:25 pm HochBurg
Sonny Homebuilder vigor100 12:51:37 pm HochBurg
vigor100 Purity Restless (TORCA) 12:51:36 pm HochBurg
vigor100 MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:50:46 pm HochBurg

EmmaMorales vigor100 12:11:45 pm HochBurg
Gunwald Constantine (TORCA) vigor100 12:10:40 pm HochBurg

vigor100 Snowy Starlight (HochBurg) 1:30:39 pm HochBurg
vigor100 Thalia Whybrow 1:29:19 pm HochBurg
vigor100 OliWooD Alpha 1:05:52 pm Asgard Wrath
OliWooD Alpha vigor100 1:05:43 pm Asgard Wrath
Swan Enchantment vigor100 1:04:46 pm Asgard Wrath
sarasd Karu vigor100 1:03:09 pm Asgard Wrath
GiovanniDomiziani (Notorious Rogues {GE} 1v1 + 2 {Recruiting}) vigor100 12:50:38 pm Asgard Wrath
vigor100 GiovanniDomiziani (Notorious Rogues {GE} 1v1 + 2 {Recruiting}) 12:50:36 pm Asgard Wrath
Ivanovithc Sporg vigor100 12:46:33 pm Asgard Wrath
Hilf (HochBurg) vigor100 12:45:30 pm Asgard Wrath

NoirDesir99 (Marsh Wood) vigor100 1:32:00 pm HochBurg
couset (Marsh Wood) vigor100 1:29:30 pm HochBurg
BasysiK vigor100 1:02:33 pm Marsh Wood
Purgatory Daysleeper (Marsh Wood) vigor100 12:58:35 pm Marsh Wood
vigor100 Athenodoria (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:58:17 pm Marsh Wood
vigor100 Habeebee (Talender Moon~ SANDFELL ~ FI SI Village ~ Daughters of Artemis) 12:55:32 pm Marsh Wood
Cezane Diavolo vigor100 12:52:22 pm Marsh Wood
JasonSakai (Notorious Rogues {GE} 1v1 + 2 {Recruiting}) vigor100 12:50:36 pm Marsh Wood
Maly Decosta (HochBurg) vigor100 12:48:35 pm Marsh Wood
Aphy (Notorious Rogues {GE} 1v1 + 2 {Recruiting}) vigor100 12:47:35 pm Marsh Wood
Aphy (Notorious Rogues {GE} 1v1 + 2 {Recruiting}) vigor100 12:46:49 pm Marsh Wood
BasysiK vigor100 12:46:04 pm Marsh Wood
BasysiK vigor100 12:15:38 pm Marsh Wood
Patty Landar (Marsh Wood) vigor100 12:14:04 pm Marsh Wood