Registered 2017-10-08 10:52:06
K/D 1:1.1
Binds 1.7:1
Bandages 1.13:1

Tula ιgиєυѕ

Tick, female,, loves exploring, meeting people, danceing and having fun

If i cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors


TickTak does not belong to any groups.


  • The Mummy Returns
    Somehow you manage to spend most of your time bound. (25xp)
  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)
  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)
  • Could You Knot?
    I couldn't spin this one, sorry. (100xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



Marusya2121 (Argentum Mines) TickTak 3:57:33 pm Sacred Moon
Marusya2121 (Argentum Mines) TickTak 3:57:32 pm Sacred Moon
Lion Ravenhurst (LR Weapons / Prison Moon) TickTak 3:56:00 pm Sacred Moon
TickTak GudinneBuduhenna 2:17:04 pm Valkyrie Forest

TickTak Kaine Core 2:11:27 pm Jungle of Sin

Diotine TickTak 1:17:42 pm Siba

QueenSnakes TickTak 12:48:19 pm Jungle of Sin
RaihanChy TickTak 12:40:27 pm Jungle of Sin
LilSnowMinx TickTak 12:28:27 pm Jungle of Sin

TickTak charleman 1:43:42 pm Valkyrie Forest

TickTak Calypso Lordhunter (Vosk Outlands - Sa Di Sani*Sa Ho Black Panthers*Ku Thadd) 2:47:11 pm The Ruins

TickTak kev Greymyst (Asgard) 2:27:29 pm Valkyrie Forest

TickTak mayah Enoch 2:10:38 pm Jungle of Sin

BadHoney (Argentum Mines) TickTak 4:38:15 pm Argentum Mines
Synndia TickTak 4:37:19 pm Argentum Mines
Keltie (Argentum Mines) TickTak 4:36:17 pm Argentum Mines
TickTak GudinneBuduhenna 4:08:50 pm Valkyrie Forest
TickTak carlossumiso 2:37:15 pm Valkyrie Forest

BadHoney (Argentum Mines) TickTak 4:25:00 pm Argentum Mines
Nummy Leborski (Argentum Mines) TickTak 4:21:54 pm Argentum Mines
DamienRa TickTak 4:21:50 pm Argentum Mines
BadHoney (Argentum Mines) TickTak 4:20:03 pm Argentum Mines
Dominic Enamour (Unknown) TickTak 4:18:52 pm Argentum Mines
TickTak Dominic Enamour (Unknown) 4:18:46 pm Argentum Mines
TickTak Symphony Composer (Castra Volador) 4:15:17 pm Argentum Mines
TickTak Symphony Composer (Castra Volador) 4:14:45 pm Argentum Mines

TickTak Sky Valerian (Siba) 2:15:14 pm Siba
TickTak hemmae 2:13:40 pm Siba
hemmae TickTak 2:13:39 pm Siba
TickTak rubenyosef47 (Jade Isle) 2:11:38 pm Siba
EtainOg TickTak 2:10:30 pm Siba
EtainOg TickTak 2:10:27 pm Siba
jenix Lemon (Siba) TickTak 2:08:41 pm Siba
TickTak karynn Windlow 2:05:17 pm Siba
Max885 TickTak 2:00:36 pm Siba