YaS Azalee



Registered 2017-04-17 18:18:58
K/D 1.82:1
Binds 1.2:1
Bandages 1:1.47


A warrior must learn to be available and unavailable at the precise turn of the
road. It is useless for a warrior to be unwittingly available at all times, as it
is useless for him to hide when everybody knows that he is hiding.


YaS Azalee does not belong to any groups.


  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)
  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)



YaS Azalee Jet Vortex (TORCA) 5:51:10 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee Nasti Deed (Harfax Legion) 5:49:36 pm HochBurg
Nasti Deed (Harfax Legion) YaS Azalee 5:49:33 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee Keltie 4:52:02 pm Argentum Mines
YaS Azalee lilith Aria (HochBurg) 4:48:33 pm Argentum Mines
lilith Aria (HochBurg) YaS Azalee 4:48:30 pm Argentum Mines
lynchen (Argentum Mines) YaS Azalee 4:46:45 pm Argentum Mines
Jet Vortex (TORCA) YaS Azalee 4:45:42 pm Argentum Mines
Makayla Ronas (Harfax Legion) YaS Azalee 3:49:17 pm HochBurg
Makayla Ronas (Harfax Legion) YaS Azalee 3:48:15 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee EtainOg 3:46:46 pm HochBurg
EtainOg YaS Azalee 3:46:45 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee Cezane Diavolo 3:44:19 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 3:43:34 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee lynchen (Argentum Mines) 3:41:05 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee lilith Aria (HochBurg) 3:38:48 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee Liora Kiyori 3:38:25 pm HochBurg
Liora Kiyori YaS Azalee 3:35:12 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee MoonZap (Argentum Mines) 3:33:20 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee Shikaku Shinn (Norvillian) 3:30:29 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee Gioia Burner 3:24:56 pm HochBurg
Cezane Diavolo YaS Azalee 2:58:11 pm Argentum Mines
Ka0s Runner (Kalana Woods) YaS Azalee 2:56:41 pm Argentum Mines
YaS Azalee LaoiseFischer (HochBurg) 2:54:55 pm Argentum Mines
LaoiseFischer (HochBurg) YaS Azalee 2:54:53 pm Argentum Mines

YaS Azalee gabbygabitza (Harfax Legion) 4:22:56 pm Brundisium
YaS Azalee Gunwald Constantine (TORCA) 4:22:01 pm Brundisium
YaS Azalee Denzel Coy (Harfax Legion) 4:21:41 pm Brundisium
ryndergames (Norvillian Outlaws) YaS Azalee 3:50:16 pm HochBurg
ryndergames (Norvillian Outlaws) YaS Azalee 3:47:45 pm HochBurg
Nasti Deed (Harfax Legion) YaS Azalee 3:46:40 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee ryndergames (Norvillian Outlaws) 3:43:32 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee Swan Enchantment 3:42:42 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee Sarahjo (Harfax Legion) 3:40:52 pm HochBurg
YaS Azalee Snowy Starlight (HochBurg) 3:40:14 pm HochBurg