the true is out


Registered 2017-04-17 19:10:35
K/D 1.37:1
Binds 4.08:1
Bandages 2.29:1


I find that whatever I write in here could never come close to describing the madness one must relish to enjoy such a game as this. Good thing I like relish.

[14:39:15] ᴘʟᴜᴛᴏ ·ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʟᴀɴᴇᴛ· ᴍᴏɴsᴛᴇʀ (slightly.opaque): Hey bb cakes.
[14:39:35] (You): Hello my little muffin.
[14:39:51] ᴘʟᴜᴛᴏ ·ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʟᴀɴᴇᴛ· ᴍᴏɴsᴛᴇʀ (slightly.opaque) blushes.


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  • Heavy Saver
    I'll keep that safe for you, promise. (25xp)
  • Easy Way Out
    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)
  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)
  • Could You Knot?
    I couldn't spin this one, sorry. (100xp)



RemoBoone Nasti Deed (Valeron) 7:55:38 pm TORCA
RemoBoone Ezio Sabretooth (Unknown) 7:54:22 pm TORCA
RemoBoone Jet Salty (TORCA) 7:53:34 pm TORCA
RemoBoone Key Voxel (TORCA) 7:52:52 pm TORCA
RemoBoone Markiouss (Valeron) 7:52:07 pm TORCA
RemoBoone Nasti Deed (Valeron) 6:39:44 pm Argentum Mines
Markiouss (Valeron) RemoBoone 6:39:41 pm Argentum Mines
RemoBoone Nasti Deed (Valeron) 6:39:35 pm Argentum Mines
Tobie Boa (Argentum Mines) RemoBoone 6:21:53 pm Harfax Legion
Menagerie Bayn (Argentum Mines) RemoBoone 6:20:20 pm Harfax Legion
RemoBoone Denzel Coy (Harfax Legion) 6:16:52 pm Harfax Legion
RemoBoone Makayla Ronas (Valeron) 4:46:20 pm Brundisium
Makayla Ronas (Valeron) RemoBoone 4:46:16 pm Brundisium
RemoBoone MilliParker (Argentum Mines) 4:09:57 pm Argentum Mines
RemoBoone Yoshini Nuyasaka (Argentum Mines) 4:09:43 pm Argentum Mines
Denzel Coy (Harfax Legion) RemoBoone 4:07:26 pm Argentum Mines
RemoBoone Makayla Ronas (Valeron) 4:07:12 pm Argentum Mines
RemoBoone PinnOne 4:06:23 pm Argentum Mines
NathanialAlgren (Harfax Legion) RemoBoone 3:35:59 pm Outcast
UryGalaxy RemoBoone 3:32:59 pm Outcast
UryGalaxy RemoBoone 3:32:06 pm Outcast
d8nger (Outcast Outlaws) RemoBoone 3:29:21 pm Outcast

PHiL Deischer RemoBoone 1:33:37 pm Asgard Wrath
Thalia Whybrow RemoBoone 1:33:20 pm Asgard Wrath
Izzy Kestrel RemoBoone 1:32:21 pm Asgard Wrath
RemoBoone Darksparrow (Asgard Wrath) 1:31:44 pm Asgard Wrath
RemoBoone Nasti Deed (Valeron) 1:27:34 pm Asgard Wrath
RemoBoone Nasti Deed (Valeron) 1:24:05 pm Asgard Wrath
MoisaLee (TORCA) RemoBoone 1:03:55 pm TORCA
Valk Clifton (TORCA) RemoBoone 1:01:54 pm TORCA
RemoBoone Valor Childs (TORCA) 1:01:32 pm TORCA
NoirDesir99 (Marsh Wood) RemoBoone 12:35:43 pm Marsh Wood
NoirDesir99 (Marsh Wood) RemoBoone 12:34:33 pm Marsh Wood
RemoBoone ivanstwo (Legendary Of Gor) 12:33:46 pm Marsh Wood
RemoBoone Nasti Deed (Valeron) 12:17:13 pm Kalana Woods