♥ Tequila ♥


Registered 2018-06-07 22:08:04
K/D 1.8:1
Binds 1.47:1
Bandages 1.4:1

Tᴇǫᴜɪʟᴀ Kääɴ

....... CICLON TE EXTRAÑOOO, no te pierdas!!!!!!..........

If somebody needs a dance, visit my marketplace:

https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/170302 💘 read down..

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Now?..... Now read up.



  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)
  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)



tequilamaya OoopsychobitchooO (Marsh Wood) 1:00:02 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya Jmi Magic (Marsh Wood) 12:59:28 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya BespredeL 12:59:03 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya BasysiK 12:58:40 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya shikk (Marsh Wood) 12:58:33 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya Alatala 12:57:33 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya hemmae 12:57:01 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya Tortured Frequency (Marsh Wood) 12:56:52 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya Lisa Dallas (Marsh Wood) 12:56:33 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya NoirDesir99 (Marsh Wood) 12:55:24 pm Asgard Wrath
tequilamaya Lisa Dallas (Marsh Wood) 12:38:13 pm Marsh Wood
tequilamaya XvxStormyxvX (Marsh Wood) 12:38:07 pm Marsh Wood
tequilamaya XonlymeX 12:37:18 pm Marsh Wood
XonlymeX tequilamaya 12:37:10 pm Marsh Wood
tequilamaya Jmi Magic (Marsh Wood) 12:35:48 pm Marsh Wood
tequilamaya Lisa Dallas (Marsh Wood) 12:34:18 pm Marsh Wood
tequilamaya kittylover1 (Asgard Wrath) 12:33:56 pm Marsh Wood
tequilamaya Samira Sabahi (Asgard Wrath) 12:31:41 pm Marsh Wood
tequilamaya Sophia Mysterious 12:30:45 pm Marsh Wood
Sarahjo (Harfax Legion) tequilamaya 12:05:24 pm Harfax Legion
sunnie Crumb (TORCA) tequilamaya 12:03:22 pm Harfax Legion
Markiouss (Valeron) tequilamaya 12:03:18 pm Harfax Legion

Dojdinka tequilamaya 5:03:51 pm HochBurg
tequilamaya Maly Decosta (HochBurg) 4:59:55 pm HochBurg
tequilamaya Dioni Fang 4:57:31 pm HochBurg
tequilamaya thalassinh 4:56:36 pm HochBurg
tequilamaya Envy Baar (Argentum Mines) 4:33:29 pm Argentum Mines
tequilamaya Nivnasir (Argentum Mines) 4:31:24 pm Argentum Mines
tequilamaya lynchen (Argentum Mines) 4:28:38 pm Argentum Mines
Jmi Magic (Marsh Wood) tequilamaya 4:27:56 pm Argentum Mines
tequilamaya Jmi Magic (Marsh Wood) 4:27:56 pm Argentum Mines
tequilamaya Envy Baar (Argentum Mines) 4:24:34 pm Argentum Mines
Lacey Knickers (Sigridfjord) tequilamaya 4:21:38 pm Argentum Mines
Lacey Knickers (Sigridfjord) tequilamaya 4:21:03 pm Argentum Mines
Nummy Leborski (Argentum Mines) tequilamaya 4:18:34 pm Argentum Mines