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K/D 1:3.5
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Bandages 1.03:1


Promise nothing intriguing in here...

It is really bare I know, Sometimes you just get to lost and do not know what to put in here or really care to.

WIth that in mind, want to know more send me an IM , I do not bite...
++Sarcasm & English++


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Katzryna Rian Marjeta (LR Weapons / Nidavellir Outlaws) 7:37:20 pm Argentum Mines
Katzryna Keltie (Argentum Mines) 7:35:54 pm Argentum Mines
Katzryna Envy Baar (Argentum Mines) 7:34:14 pm Argentum Mines
Envy Baar (Argentum Mines) Katzryna 7:34:12 pm Argentum Mines
Menagerie Bayn (Argentum Mines) Katzryna 7:33:31 pm Argentum Mines
Mac Takeda (Reavers of the Thassa) Katzryna 7:31:58 pm Argentum Mines
Nummy Leborski (Argentum Mines) Katzryna 7:18:03 pm Argentum Mines
Katzryna Trixxys 6:20:15 pm Argentum Mines
Arya39Stark (Tuath) Katzryna 5:40:47 pm Tuath
Valor Childs (Unknown) Katzryna 5:38:59 pm Tuath
Katzryna KatLeighe 5:38:30 pm Tuath

Katzryna Necha Sabretooth 5:59:13 pm Mirkwood Forest
couset Katzryna 5:53:45 pm Mirkwood Forest
couset Katzryna 5:52:42 pm Mirkwood Forest
PaigeBellz Katzryna 5:51:57 pm Mirkwood Forest

Katzryna Rian Marjeta (LR Weapons / Nidavellir Outlaws) 7:24:14 pm Argentum Mines
Katzryna magicfoxtail 7:23:49 pm Argentum Mines
Katzryna Kysten Billig 7:23:01 pm Argentum Mines
JusticeAnn Katzryna 6:25:17 pm LR Weapons / Nidavelli...
LilBrattyk (LR Weapons / Nidavellir Outlaws) Katzryna 6:23:21 pm LR Weapons / Nidavelli...
gabbygabitza (Lydius) Katzryna 5:48:33 pm Lydius
Benjamin Vesta (Lydius) Katzryna 5:45:41 pm Lydius

Katzryna Fata Falta 1:12:15 pm Marsh Wood Pirates
Katzryna Roccohey 1:09:48 pm Marsh Wood Pirates
VodkaApple Crisp (LR Weapons / Nidavellir Outlaws) Katzryna 12:57:44 pm Marsh Wood Pirates
YashaOhnaka Katzryna 12:50:56 pm Marsh Wood Pirates

Lion Ravenhurst (LR Weapons / Nidavellir Outlaws) Katzryna 8:39:42 pm LR Weapons / Nidavelli...
Odo Dryke Katzryna 8:37:39 pm LR Weapons / Nidavelli...
Ezio Sabretooth (Unknown) Katzryna 8:12:58 pm Argentum Mines
Symphony Composer (Castra Volador) Katzryna 8:10:13 pm Argentum Mines
Katzryna Odo Dryke 7:59:11 pm Argentum Mines
Katzryna Gapemaster 7:53:10 pm Argentum Mines
Benjamin Vesta (Lydius) Katzryna 7:31:41 pm Lydius
AndrewRice Katzryna 7:28:54 pm Lydius
Io Eleonara (LR Weapons / Nidavellir Outlaws) Katzryna 6:11:19 pm Argentum Mines