Registered 2017-05-06 21:28:00
K/D 1.02:1
Binds 1:1.21
Bandages 1:1.12

ɢʀᴀɴɴʏ ʟᴇʙᴏʀsᴋɪ ᴛʀᴜᴇsʜᴏᴛ

Don't even ask for permission, ask for forgiveness.



  • Combat Medic
    Finally you're good at something. (100xp)
  • The Mummy Returns
    Somehow you manage to spend most of your time bound. (25xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) Euryalina (Worst Sinners) 2:40:28 pm Worst Sinners
Euryalina (Worst Sinners) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 2:40:17 pm Worst Sinners
LittIeMouse (Saints of Gor) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 2:34:20 pm Worst Sinners
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) Rog3rSanch3z 2:32:17 pm Worst Sinners

Laurie Engineer (Trueshots) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 12:15:54 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) Laurie Engineer (Trueshots) 12:15:53 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
BigPapa Yifu (Dark Sword Outlaws) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 12:10:13 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
lepdelep (Hyohau-sha Mercenaries) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 12:04:52 pm Dark Sword Outlaws

keymosabi (TORCA) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 8:54:20 pm Argentum Mines
VictoriaBathory001 (Legendary Of Gor) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 8:51:37 pm Argentum Mines
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) keymosabi (TORCA) 8:51:34 pm Argentum Mines
Rob Huntsman (Kalana Woods) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 8:31:34 pm Argentum Mines
Antonio Memo (Outcast Outlaws) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 8:30:29 pm Argentum Mines
nikias Gertler (Stygia) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 8:30:20 pm Argentum Mines
Antonio Memo (Outcast Outlaws) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 8:27:50 pm Argentum Mines
Nummy Leborski (Argentum Mines) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 8:16:40 pm Argentum Mines
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) Nummy Leborski (Argentum Mines) 8:16:36 pm Argentum Mines
Menagerie Bayn (Argentum Mines) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 8:14:42 pm Argentum Mines

Pocahontas Bigboots petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 1:54:57 pm Legendary Of Gor
Pocahontas Bigboots petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 1:53:05 pm Legendary Of Gor
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) Streellaa 1:52:59 pm Legendary Of Gor
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) CICLON Admiral (Legendary Of Gor) 1:52:43 pm Legendary Of Gor
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) Shaman Calcutt (Legendary Of Gor) 1:51:50 pm Legendary Of Gor
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) Jack Pfeffer 1:46:33 pm Legendary Of Gor
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) sunshine Mellow (Norvillian Outlaws) 1:38:22 pm Legendary Of Gor

petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) Ka0s Runner (Kalana Woods) 12:21:13 pm Belnend

petitefleurebleue Resident petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 2:30:44 pm Trueshots
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 2:30:20 pm Trueshots
BadHoney (Trueshots) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 2:29:13 pm Trueshots
unholy Toxx (Trueshots) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 2:27:06 pm Trueshots
Ka0s Runner (Kalana Woods) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 2:13:41 pm Outcast Outlaws
Lush Ordinary (Saints of Gor) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 2:10:46 pm Outcast Outlaws
d8nger (Outcast Outlaws) petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) 2:05:00 pm Outcast Outlaws
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) d8nger (Outcast Outlaws) 2:04:58 pm Outcast Outlaws
petitefleurebleue (Trueshots) Dubius Bromide (Legendary Of Gor) 1:53:40 pm Legendary Of Gor