Vulgam Ceralus The Exiled King of The North


Registered 2018-01-25 11:14:40
K/D 2.74:1
Binds 1.44:1
Bandages 1:1.75


•"I order you to protect me," she said, never taking her eyes from the ground.
"I do not take orders from the daughter of the Ubar of Ar," I said.
•"You have lifted a weapon against me," he said. "My codes permit me to kill you."
•"Yield her or I will have my tharlarion trample you," he snapped, "or would you prefer to be spitted on my lance?"
"You know the codes," I said evenly. "If you want her, you must challenge for her and meet me with the weapon of my choice."


VulgamCeralus does not belong to any groups.


  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)



VulgamCeralus Tuor (Olni) 4:58:05 pm Olni

VulgamCeralus LSS (HochBurg) 3:52:30 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus Sphinx0 (Outcast) 3:44:34 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus Sphinx0 (Outcast) 3:42:57 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus Simons Bleac 3:42:46 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus Drakon420 (HochBurg) 3:39:40 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus MagnusMagmar 3:38:18 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus OneDaringAlicia 3:36:17 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus TriNitroZ (Outcast) 3:34:43 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus TriNitroZ (Outcast) 3:32:02 pm HochBurg
BerchtaYlvasdottir VulgamCeralus 3:15:13 pm HochBurg
Sphinx0 (Outcast) VulgamCeralus 3:13:09 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus Shaka Brandris (HochBurg) 3:13:04 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus Wendy Rives (Asgard Wrath) 3:10:43 pm HochBurg
VulgamCeralus Drakon420 (HochBurg) 3:06:16 pm HochBurg

VulgamCeralus Clinchypooh 10:41:56 am Genesian Port
VulgamCeralus Collin Daines (Genesian Port) 10:41:23 am Genesian Port
VulgamCeralus James Rowley (Genesian Port) 10:41:13 am Genesian Port
VulgamCeralus Clinchypooh 10:39:11 am Genesian Port
VulgamCeralus Collin Daines (Genesian Port) 10:36:35 am Genesian Port
VulgamCeralus Clinchypooh 10:36:13 am Genesian Port
VulgamCeralus Collin Daines (Genesian Port) 10:30:41 am Genesian Port
VulgamCeralus AlyssaLoren 10:01:38 am Genesian Port
VulgamCeralus AlyssaLoren 10:00:11 am Genesian Port

VulgamCeralus Taavon Marquez (The Districts of Fulvian Falls) 5:40:39 pm Isle of Tyros

VulgamCeralus EveGalardo 4:54:06 am Hemes village
VulgamCeralus EveGalardo 4:52:30 am Hemes village

Sh4d0w Slade (Valeron) VulgamCeralus 4:42:18 pm Norsvald
Hypr Nova (Valeron) VulgamCeralus 4:36:08 pm Norsvald
Sh4d0w Slade (Valeron) VulgamCeralus 4:35:06 pm Norsvald
VulgamCeralus Cheza Tearfall 4:28:35 pm Norsvald
BadHoney VulgamCeralus 4:28:14 pm Norsvald
VulgamCeralus BadHoney 4:27:53 pm Norsvald
BadHoney VulgamCeralus 4:27:17 pm Norsvald
Markiouss (Valeron) VulgamCeralus 4:25:44 pm Norsvald