~Stål Blood Axe~ Rjodr Skjoldr (Red Shields)


Registered 2017-08-06 23:15:34
K/D 1:1.91
Binds 1.4:1
Bandages N/A


In Gor I am a warrior of the north, leader of the of Rjodr Skjoldr (Red Shields). I live at Skjern and I have roamed many lands in Gor but always come home to Torvaldsland. I am old in the ways of life and will not tolerate those who act as if the "world revolves around them". Once I accept you as my friend I will keep true to that friendship. Unless you are less then honest and dishonorable, you will find friendship is a two way road. Honor before Glory and Blood and Honor.


Stal8450 does not belong to any groups.


  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



Ezio Sabretooth (Rorus) Stal8450 (Runefalls Honor) 2:16:14 pm Mildrheimr of Skjern
Ezio Sabretooth (Rorus) Stal8450 (Runefalls Honor) 2:12:54 pm Mildrheimr of Skjern

Stal8450 (Runefalls Honor) JasonVonDam 11:22:43 am Runefalls Honor
Stal8450 (Runefalls Honor) JasonVonDam 11:20:03 am Runefalls Honor

Stal8450 AnacletusDivinity 6:07:19 am Dark Rune Outpost

Senthroth Stal8450 2:31:47 pm Runefalls Honor

Stal8450 Koshka Kira 1:34:58 pm Dark Rune Outpost

RowinNights Stal8450 3:30:43 pm Runefalls Honor

Stal8450 Afya Salamander 2:56:40 pm Dark Rune Outpost

Stal8450 torviepriest 4:32:56 pm City of Thentis

Stal8450 Shaman Calcutt 4:25:26 pm Dark Rune Outpost

iseeeyou Stal8450 5:44:02 am Runefalls Honor

Stal8450 EveGalardo 6:59:51 am Dark Rune Outpost
Stal8450 EveGalardo 6:57:26 am Dark Rune Outpost
Stal8450 CupcakeMageee 6:15:59 am Dark Rune Outpost

Wolfbjorn Stal8450 9:47:46 am Runefalls Honor
iseeeyou Stal8450 9:42:46 am Runefalls Honor

Stal8450 Brynnae 8:26:58 am Dark Rune Outpost

RomanReignsJr Stal8450 2:44:32 pm Besnit
RomanReignsJr Stal8450 2:20:59 pm Runefalls Honor
Stal8450 Stal8450 2:15:27 pm Runefalls Honor
Senthroth Stal8450 2:12:55 pm Runefalls Honor

BOOZEDD Stal8450 1:42:32 pm Runefalls Honor

MerrekOreilly Stal8450 2:23:47 pm Runefalls Honor
MerrekOreilly Stal8450 2:14:25 pm Runefalls Honor
Storm2222 Stal8450 2:11:51 pm Runefalls Honor
MerrekOreilly Stal8450 1:40:14 pm Runefalls Honor
MerrekOreilly Stal8450 1:37:31 pm Runefalls Honor

Stal8450 Troy Release 12:02:27 pm Runefalls Honor

Stal8450 BOOZEDD 11:06:21 am Runefalls Honor
Demetrius Braveheart Stal8450 11:01:54 am Runefalls Honor
Stal8450 BOOZEDD 11:01:53 am Runefalls Honor

Falling Stal8450 2:42:54 pm Runefalls Honor

Falling Stal8450 9:50:36 am Runefalls Honor

Femzzy Stal8450 9:38:57 am Runefalls Honor