Shey Mysterious

Merchant looking for a home Owned one slave Looking good rp that will put a smile on my face.


Registered 2020-04-11 20:36:55
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Bandages 1:1

Moonbreak Mistwalker

Profile ooc and no meta gaming!
Winter coming !
What do you say to the god of death dear? "Not today, Sir!"

"Is that woman! that bloody woman! Your women!."
"But your one in skirts Sir" smirks
"no don't do that! I am not a Lady or a girl! That not me!"
"I don't plan knitting by the fire while men fight for me! Power is Power!"


No ooc bullshit of sorts or meta game shit!

Real life female dont care if dont trust me!


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    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)



GryzLockheart Shey Mysterious 6:15:05 pm Port Kar - Raiders of Gor
GryzLockheart Shey Mysterious 6:01:16 pm Port Kar - Raiders of Gor
GryzLockheart Shey Mysterious 5:58:59 pm Port Kar - Raiders of Gor

Dalia Mayako (Forgotten Tales) Shey Mysterious 3:23:30 pm Lydius
Tudu Beleza (Lydius Outpost - BTB Gor - Panthers of the Forest) Shey Mysterious 3:22:05 pm Lydius
Shey Mysterious Blair Talaj (Forests of Gor - BtB Outpost & Dani's Band & Gazette Office) 3:19:53 pm Lydius

Suicide Shey Mysterious 1:37:32 pm City of Esalinus