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SerenusNirvana - --- Inbetween my guard shifts and battles I rest here. ---The Offspring - Americana - my flashpoint

G'trok " So honor the valiant who die 'neath your sword... But pity the warrior who slays all his foes. "


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SerenusNirvana SerenusNirvana 8:16:58 pm Unknown
rana Umino (Unknown) Haselden (Unknown) 8:12:33 pm Unknown
Haselden (Unknown) SerenusNirvana 8:12:11 pm Unknown
rana Umino (Unknown) SerenusNirvana 8:06:52 pm Unknown

jamar Elton SerenusNirvana 5:12:53 pm Unknown
rana Umino MithQuessir Arliss 5:09:43 pm Unknown
MithQuessir Arliss SerenusNirvana 5:09:42 pm Unknown

lynchen SerenusNirvana 8:18:41 pm Argentum Mines
Rayden Serenity SerenusNirvana 8:12:26 pm Argentum Mines

SerenusNirvana Mantus Nitely 7:35:02 pm Argentum Mines
SerenusNirvana Xander Sleydon 7:33:18 pm Argentum Mines
SerenusNirvana Galateana 6:15:55 pm Argentum Mines
SerenusNirvana kezvyper 6:15:44 pm Argentum Mines
SerenusNirvana keymosabi 6:13:04 pm Argentum Mines
MoonZap Lamianegra 6:12:19 pm Argentum Mines
SerenusNirvana caborojo Devin 6:11:58 pm Argentum Mines
SerenusNirvana Nivnasir 6:08:20 pm Argentum Mines
Nivnasir SerenusNirvana 6:08:15 pm Argentum Mines
Nummy Leborski SerenusNirvana 5:56:23 pm Argentum Mines

Nivnasir SerenusNirvana 9:48:50 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Daciah SerenusNirvana 9:48:47 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Kaara Orsini SerenusNirvana 9:47:42 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Shane70 Anton SerenusNirvana 9:46:02 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Menagerie Bayn SerenusNirvana 9:40:56 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Damiean Laville SerenusNirvana 9:39:50 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Damiean Laville SerenusNirvana 9:37:27 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
SerenusNirvana SerenusNirvana 9:02:49 pm Argentum Mines
Brookes Christenson SerenusNirvana 8:58:30 pm Norvillian Outlaws
KaiilaWildwind SerenusNirvana 8:56:32 pm Norvillian Outlaws
SerenusNirvana TarskWildwind 8:55:52 pm Norvillian Outlaws
SerenusNirvana tommy198 Winslet 8:55:17 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Menagerie Bayn SerenusNirvana 8:17:06 pm Argentum Mines
TodTheWraith SerenusNirvana 8:08:03 pm Argentum Mines
Zuskita SerenusNirvana 8:06:08 pm Argentum Mines
SerenusNirvana melanieroman 8:05:58 pm Argentum Mines