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K/D 1:1.28
Binds 1.12:1
Bandages 1.08:1


This is how it is with me:
so strong, I want to draw the egg
from your womb and nourish it in my own.
I want to mother your child made only
of us, of me, you: no borrowed seed
from any man.


Unknown GE


  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



RunaTu (Unknown) kimibellas 2:42:43 pm Magi of Ianda
keymosabi RunaTu (Unknown) 2:40:55 pm Magi of Ianda
IannaMia Resident RunaTu (Unknown) 2:35:07 pm Magi of Ianda
bina Walmer RunaTu (Unknown) 2:30:40 pm Magi of Ianda
RunaTu (Unknown) GiovanniDomiziani 2:24:13 pm Magi of Ianda
RunaTu (Unknown) PapercutKirigami (Stygia) 2:22:29 pm Magi of Ianda
RunaTu (Unknown) keymosabi 2:21:14 pm Magi of Ianda
keymosabi RunaTu (Unknown) 2:21:12 pm Magi of Ianda
RunaTu (Unknown) Dioni Fang 2:19:57 pm Magi of Ianda
RunaTu (Unknown) Tatianna Starostin (Anarchy Mercs) 2:18:00 pm Magi of Ianda
RunaTu (Unknown) Gloriousxsm (Norvillian Outlaws) 1:54:32 pm Stygia
RunaTu (Unknown) Mavina (Dark Sword Outlaws) 1:53:12 pm Stygia
RunaTu (Unknown) O2 Speedwell (Norvillian Outlaws) 1:52:16 pm Stygia
RunaTu (Unknown) BowChika Wahwah 1:03:10 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RunaTu (Unknown) Makayla Ronas (Norvillian Outlaws) 1:02:43 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RunaTu (Unknown) tommy198 Winslet (Norvillian Outlaws) 1:01:07 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RunaTu (Unknown) Hacci Shamrock 12:20:49 pm Blackwater Mers

RunaTu VictoriaBathory001 3:22:33 pm Kalana Woods
RunaTu (Unknown) VictoriaBathory001 3:20:58 pm Kalana Woods
RunaTu (Unknown) antinoo130dc (Stygia) 2:43:53 pm Stygia
RunaTu (Unknown) antinoo130dc (Stygia) 2:40:26 pm Stygia
Crimlitig8r (Stygia) Gunner Shim 2:40:15 pm Stygia
RunaTu (Unknown) Crimlitig8r (Stygia) 2:39:26 pm Stygia
RunaTu (Unknown) RunaTu (Unknown) 2:05:45 pm Stygia
kiralucy RunaTu (Unknown) 1:57:07 pm Stygia
Tatianna Starostin (Anarchy Mercs) RunaTu (Unknown) 1:54:05 pm Stygia
RunaTu (Unknown) Akasha Redenblack 1:53:54 pm Stygia
RunaTu (Unknown) Tatianna Starostin (Anarchy Mercs) 1:25:35 pm Anarchy Mercs
RunaTu (Unknown) JohnnySilver12 1:25:11 pm Anarchy Mercs
RunaTu (Unknown) alexnyc (Anarchy Mercs) 1:24:13 pm Anarchy Mercs
RunaTu (Unknown) Slick Fretwerk (Anarchy Mercs) 1:23:04 pm Anarchy Mercs

RunaTu (Unknown) dolcelimone 2:34:00 pm Stygia
RunaTu (Unknown) Crimlitig8r (Stygia) 2:32:51 pm Stygia

SarahSimone Resident RunaTu (Unknown) 8:51:44 pm Mirkwood Forest
SarahSimone Resident RunaTu (Unknown) 7:58:09 pm Mirkwood Forest