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K/D 1.87:1
Binds 1.75:1
Bandages 1.17:1

ʀօɖɖʏ Jαтhσ

I enjoy to RP Storylines, so if you see me at a RP Sim, approach and say hey! If I am afk just send an IM and I'm sure to some point. lol





  • Heavy Saver
    I'll keep that safe for you, promise. (25xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



Chantalle Nightfire (Norvillian Outlaws) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 1:01:41 pm TORCA
RoddySparrow Resident RoddySparrow (TORCA) 12:56:15 pm TORCA
Chantalle Nightfire (Norvillian Outlaws) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 12:53:10 pm TORCA
JusticeAnn (Norvillian Outlaws) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 12:51:38 pm TORCA
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Ferina Foxdale (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:41:14 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Chantalle Nightfire (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:41:00 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Raizo Takeda (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:40:31 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Nadelya (Tarnfighter Outlaws) 12:39:46 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) EdenRose Sharple (Dark Sword Outlaws) 12:38:29 pm Norvillian Outlaws
EdenRose Sharple (Dark Sword Outlaws) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 12:38:26 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Ferina Foxdale (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:37:37 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Chantalle Nightfire (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:37:20 pm Norvillian Outlaws

TodTheWraith (Saints of Gor) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 1:39:46 pm Saints of Gor
Io Eleonara (TORCA) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 1:37:28 pm Saints of Gor

taylonclaw RoddySparrow (TORCA) 1:07:10 pm TORCA
Antonio Memo (Worst Sinners) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 1:06:07 pm TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 12:42:24 pm Worst Sinners
Purgatory Daysleeper (Worst Sinners) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 12:38:50 pm Worst Sinners
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Cani Bing (Worst Sinners) 12:36:50 pm Worst Sinners
RoddySparrow (TORCA) MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:03:55 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) EntropyS 11:59:29 am Dark Sword Outlaws

RoddySparrow (TORCA) Elirk Huntsman (Blackwater Mers) 1:46:58 pm Blackwater Mers
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Euryalina (Outcast Outlaws) 12:00:18 pm Outcast Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) PJ Blackheart (Unknown) 11:58:50 am Outcast Outlaws

Raizo Takeda (Norvillian Outlaws) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 12:57:41 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Gloriousxsm (Norvillian Outlaws) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 12:55:44 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Budi Setsuko 12:54:39 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Crimson Chun (Odin's Wrath) RoddySparrow (TORCA) 12:53:52 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) keymosabi (TORCA) 12:47:45 pm Norvillian Outlaws
RoddySparrow (TORCA) MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:27:54 pm TORCA
RoddySparrow (TORCA) LikaMooN (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:24:57 pm TORCA
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Athenodoria 12:24:52 pm TORCA
RoddySparrow (TORCA) sunshine Mellow (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:24:01 pm TORCA
RoddySparrow (TORCA) Athenodoria 12:23:32 pm TORCA
RoddySparrow (TORCA) juventino Loening (Saints of Gor) 11:44:55 am TORCA