Registered 2020-08-30 22:07:17
K/D 1:2.08
Binds 1:1.91
Bandages 1:3.08


My name is Olga. I like Sambo and submission wrestling. Have been fighting in Sambo for many years. I like long and intense matches with some back and forth (descriptive): till total physical and mental exhaustion, till total submission.

RP limits:
- No permanent damage or mutilation
- No killing, no death
- No forced sex with men (unless approved)
- 10 minutes no RP (unbind --> not stay in cage for nothing)
- No toilet play
- No minors
- No animals


OlgaSambo does not belong to any groups.


  • Heavy Saver
    I'll keep that safe for you, promise. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)
  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)



sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) OlgaSambo 10:02:57 am Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) OlgaSambo 10:01:24 am Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers

Kati Blackwood OlgaSambo 12:56:34 pm Talender Moon
Kati Blackwood OlgaSambo 12:56:20 pm Talender Moon
djfantome151 OlgaSambo 12:55:02 pm Talender Moon

bastardsuperstar (Worst Sinner) OlgaSambo 4:49:27 pm Secret Bay
mialee1996 Resident OlgaSambo 4:46:17 pm Secret Bay
bastardsuperstar (Worst Sinner) OlgaSambo 3:34:53 pm Talender Moon
bastardsuperstar (Worst Sinner) OlgaSambo 3:32:54 pm Talender Moon
OlgaSambo aargentea 3:30:58 pm Talender Moon

sp Pexie (zima Ak'am, ice Fang, Tharna Silver Road) OlgaSambo 2:28:11 am Talender Moon

OlgaSambo FR13NDS 2:22:48 pm Talender Moon
OlgaSambo feline India 2:13:16 pm Talender Moon
OlgaSambo littleblackkittycat1979 (Talender Moon~ Scagnar Village) 12:54:24 pm Talender Moon

Tamarain (Tri'Moon Panthers and Darkport Pirates) OlgaSambo 5:29:36 pm Mirkwood Forest
Tamarain (Tri'Moon Panthers and Darkport Pirates) OlgaSambo 5:26:52 pm Mirkwood Forest
InfinityHeaven (Siba) OlgaSambo 2:40:28 pm Secret Bay
murielle Ethaniel OlgaSambo 2:39:40 pm Secret Bay
CuddlyPuppy21 Resident OlgaSambo 2:37:52 pm Secret Bay
OlgaSambo sanishine 2:25:16 pm Secret Bay
InfinityHeaven (Siba) OlgaSambo 2:19:49 pm Secret Paradise
murielle Ethaniel OlgaSambo 2:15:22 pm Secret Bay
sanishine OlgaSambo 2:13:44 pm Secret Bay

Penny621 Resident OlgaSambo 2:28:35 pm Siba
Penny621 Resident OlgaSambo 2:27:19 pm Siba

aargentea OlgaSambo 9:59:47 am Siba
NotZuzu OlgaSambo 9:57:55 am Siba

Nelly Giordano OlgaSambo 4:09:38 pm Mirkwood Forest
Nelly Giordano OlgaSambo 4:08:05 pm Mirkwood Forest

OlgaSambo Thunder Jecies 2:39:03 pm Tri'Moon Panthers and ...
OlgaSambo Thunder Jecies 2:35:32 pm Tri'Moon Panthers and ...
OlgaSambo sumantaray1986 2:02:09 pm Siba
InfinityHeaven OlgaSambo 1:58:25 pm Siba
InfinityHeaven OlgaSambo 1:56:39 pm Siba
Detris Lionheart (HochBurg) OlgaSambo 1:54:00 pm Siba