Noventa Vultee



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Noventa Vultee

I have a low tolerance for stupid people
Plots are always preferred
I consider all personal IMs OOC
Keep IC from OOC. Breaking this = Instant Mute
Don't metagame
Don't be a drama queen
I am polite and am friendly but I don't want any relationship OOC from you
My connection is bad. If I poof without warning I will try to come back


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Noventa Vultee Liam Whitesong 9:40:21 am Port Kar
Noventa Vultee Liam Whitesong 8:48:37 am Port Kar
Noventa Vultee Liam Whitesong 8:40:38 am Besnit
Noventa Vultee Liam Whitesong 8:38:54 am Besnit

InnanaChi Noventa Vultee 10:03:45 pm Port Kar

ashen2oran Noventa Vultee 8:20:32 pm Saint Augustin
ashen2oran Noventa Vultee 8:19:14 pm Saint Augustin