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**** Adult Profile ****

English isn't my first language and i try to don't
use a translator to learn it better even while
emoting, so it can take a while till i response to
you, please be patient.


Belnend GE


  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



SunbyMoon Nariko (Belnend) 10:57:08 am Belnend
Johanna Dinzel Nariko 9:21:24 am Südland: Talunaland
Yairana Nariko 9:17:28 am Südland: Talunaland
TommyFirestorm Nariko 9:15:16 am Südland: Talunaland
Nariko Boundy Schwartzman 9:15:11 am Südland: Talunaland

Nariko TodesRose 1:26:26 pm Tarnwald
Nariko TodesRose 1:02:04 pm Südland: Thassaland

Boundy Schwartzman Nariko (Belnend) 3:02:14 pm Belnend
Boundy Schwartzman Nariko (Belnend) 3:00:31 pm Belnend
Boundy Schwartzman Nariko (Belnend) 2:59:22 pm Belnend
Boundy Schwartzman Nariko (Belnend) 2:57:47 pm Belnend
Nariko (Belnend) Boundy Schwartzman 2:53:27 pm Belnend
Nariko (Belnend) Boundy Schwartzman 2:52:12 pm Belnend
Nariko (Belnend) Boundy Schwartzman 2:51:11 pm Belnend

Nariko Resident Ashaka Svenson (Norvillian Outlaws) 1:05:17 pm Norvillian Outlaws

mashavygi Resident Nariko (Belnend) 3:49:28 am Schendi
Emre85 Nariko (Belnend) 2:52:45 am Belnend

FranziSchmaul Nariko (Belnend) 12:14:21 pm Belnend
FranziSchmaul Nariko (Belnend) 12:13:53 pm Belnend
PJ Blackheart (Unknown) Nariko (Belnend) 12:12:09 pm Belnend
Nariko (Belnend) ZangetsuSword (Belnend) 12:05:02 pm Belnend
ZangetsuSword (Belnend) Nariko (Belnend) 12:04:58 pm Belnend
LuisaShadow (Belnend) Nariko (Belnend) 12:02:52 pm Belnend
Yngvai Starfall (Kalana Woods) Nariko (Belnend) 12:01:41 pm Belnend

Nariko (Belnend) Jarcath 6:30:41 am Belnend

Nariko (Belnend) Jarcath 1:48:07 pm Belnend
ThaddeusV Nariko (Belnend) 8:07:27 am Belnend
kittylover1 (Norvillian Outlaws) Nariko (Belnend) 8:04:58 am Belnend
Nariko (Belnend) Jarcath 8:01:48 am Belnend
Nariko (Belnend) TodesRose (Belnend) 7:52:19 am Belnend
Nariko (Belnend) TodesRose (Belnend) 7:50:50 am Belnend

Nariko Amylee Diabolito 1:05:36 pm Belnend
Amylee Diabolito Nariko 1:05:26 pm Belnend
Parrish Kline Nariko 1:01:43 pm Belnend
Haselden Nariko 12:58:21 pm Belnend