☠ Vigdis ☠ BTB name: ѕαƒƒι


Registered 2017-11-08 16:53:10
K/D 1:3.19
Binds 1:4.72
Bandages 1:1.74

Vigdis Vyper

Vigdis vig – fight / dis – low rank goddess
I am a Torvie / Viking Woman and Sister of Kev Vyper ᴛʀᴜᴇꜱʜᴏᴛ (kezvyper)

💋You can not handle me, if you do not have a brain.💋

The name Vigdis is a girl's name of Norwegian origin meaning "war goddess".
I am a Merc. You have a problem with this? Go to your mommy and cry.

If you talk about me, I thank you for it.
You show your respect or your envy towards me.


Tarnwald BTB

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