Slaver of Gor


Registered 2018-01-27 20:42:14
K/D 1:18
Binds 1:3.57
Bandages 1:3.25

Kylo Hassan Nassar

If you are going to do is shoot me then sail me then please do not waste my time or yours. This is RP and we should be creative. I am a paragraph sometimes a multiparagraph type of RPer. When I'm tired i make quIte a few typo.

Look at my picks before RPing..


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  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



Aabbie Resident KyloVincent 11:12:38 am The Ruins
Aabbie Resident KyloVincent 11:10:54 am The Ruins

Leda Oryl KyloVincent 6:00:20 pm Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers
Shameena Short KyloVincent 4:20:42 pm zima Ak'am, ice Fang, ...

AngelaEmoGirl Resident KyloVincent 5:16:52 pm Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers
Longshotf258 Resident KyloVincent 5:12:39 pm Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers

jennumoon KyloVincent 7:26:12 am Hidden Forest

Caelae Resident KyloVincent 10:22:27 pm Mirkwood Bay
KyloVincent BaneXZX 9:47:15 pm Mirkwood Bay

KyloVincent KyloVincent 11:41:51 am Port Kar - Raiders of Gor

KyloVincent laura20 Soulstar (Besnit) 7:02:11 am Port Kar - Raiders of Gor

Michelob Karu KyloVincent 9:18:07 pm Port Kar - Raiders of Gor

S13ND3RM4N KyloVincent 5:05:47 am Port Kar

KyloVincent Rosalinda Bellic 8:58:00 pm Port Kar

Falling KyloVincent 2:44:22 pm City of Thentis

IBjorn KyloVincent 1:01:33 pm Port Kar

Falling KyloVincent 7:32:02 pm Athos

1Shinji KyloVincent 3:14:00 pm Njordheim
ImJustA KyloVincent 3:10:28 pm Njordheim
JSun3 KyloVincent 3:09:07 pm Njordheim
ImJustA KyloVincent 3:05:15 pm Njordheim

jezebelangel Resident KyloVincent 7:26:33 pm Hidden Forest
Finsterer KyloVincent 7:25:46 pm Hidden Forest

Kitsune Ishtari KyloVincent 8:15:07 pm Port Kar
Gage Strom KyloVincent 8:01:45 pm Port Kar
IronMane KyloVincent 8:00:03 pm Port Kar
Kat Dollinger KyloVincent 7:58:22 pm Port Kar
ImJustA KyloVincent 7:57:21 pm Port Kar
ImJustA KyloVincent 7:49:26 pm Port Kar
ImJustA KyloVincent 7:44:43 pm Port Kar
Pheebiee KyloVincent 7:43:33 pm Port Kar
DukePhillips KyloVincent 7:32:24 pm Port Kar
ImJustA KyloVincent 7:31:17 pm Port Kar
Eduard Raynier KyloVincent 7:26:29 pm Port Kar
Erlund KyloVincent 7:21:06 pm Port Kar