Cross101 Avro

~✗ancient in age✗~ ~✗Jaded✗~ ~~✗unforgiving✗~ ~✗sounds gravely when he speaks✗


Registered 2017-05-31 22:51:56
K/D 1:1.16
Binds 1:1.65
Bandages 1:1.86

Old Scar

Here for a good time. no time fo BS or pettty bahavior. Any other questions just ask
All Great things are Simple and Many can be expressed in Single word: FREEDOM, JUSTICE,HONOR, DUTY, MERCY, HOPE." Winston Churchill
"If they hurt you, hurt them back....If they kill you, walk it off"
Cpt. America
"He needs to die.....Like alot"
Happy S.O.A.
"Hey Captain how do we know the good guys from the bad guys?"
"If they are shooting at you they are bad guys"
CPT America


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