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Registered 2018-01-13 22:53:36
K/D 1:2.56
Binds 1:4.65
Bandages 1.04:1


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here to play and not take my head, so the hecklers avoid me
-------------------------- (french)
Pas de relation OOC
ici pour jouer et pas me prendre la tete, alors les emmerdeurs éviter moi


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  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) Antinhea 1:04:06 pm Siba
AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) Antinhea 1:01:13 pm Siba
Antinhea AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) 12:59:17 pm Siba
Antinhea Aiyana1069 12:58:01 pm Siba
nathy Pookes Antinhea 12:57:49 pm Siba
Aiyana1069 Antinhea 12:55:28 pm Siba
Antinhea Aiyana1069 12:55:25 pm Siba
Antinhea AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) 12:53:46 pm Siba
djfantome151 Antinhea 12:52:44 pm Siba
djfantome151 Antinhea 12:51:33 pm Siba
Noobcake69 (Legendary Of Gor) Antinhea 12:49:25 pm Siba
Antinhea EI0i 12:48:31 pm Siba
Aiyana1069 Antinhea 12:47:33 pm Siba
djfantome151 Antinhea 12:44:24 pm Siba
Antinhea AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) 12:42:12 pm Siba
Aiyana1069 Antinhea 12:41:30 pm Siba
djfantome151 Antinhea 12:40:12 pm Siba
NiaLuna Antinhea 12:38:11 pm Siba
AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) Antinhea 12:38:04 pm Siba
NiaLuna Antinhea 12:34:47 pm Siba
EI0i Antinhea 12:34:46 pm Siba
Gabriel Hillquit (Legendary Of Gor) Antinhea 12:33:00 pm Siba
nathy Pookes Antinhea 12:30:33 pm Siba
djfantome151 Antinhea 12:29:00 pm Siba
djfantome151 Antinhea 12:25:41 pm Siba
djfantome151 Antinhea 12:21:05 pm Siba

Antinhea AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) 2:41:19 pm Talender Moon
AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) Antinhea 2:41:09 pm Talender Moon
I0R Antinhea 2:32:04 pm Talender Moon
Antinhea I0R 2:32:03 pm Talender Moon
AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) Antinhea 2:29:26 pm Talender Moon
Antinhea nathy Pookes 2:27:03 pm Talender Moon
LilBrattyk Antinhea 2:25:59 pm Talender Moon
Antinhea AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) 2:22:32 pm Talender Moon
AndrewFrankAllawar (Outcast) Antinhea 2:22:28 pm Talender Moon