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Bandages 1.17:1

ღ αɭḉƴ ღ αηαƬђɛɱa

Do not do pixel relationships...... :)
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AlcYanne TaliaLily 11:34:18 pm Hunters Island
TaliaLily AlcYanne 11:34:17 pm Hunters Island
AlcYanne melanieroman 11:15:46 pm Hunters Island

Menagerie Bayn (Argentum Mines) AlcYanne 8:38:47 pm Argentum Mines
Valk Clifton Giannia Rossini (Argentum Mines) 8:37:24 pm Argentum Mines
AlcYanne caborojo Devin 8:36:51 pm Argentum Mines
AlcYanne Alern Dawodu 8:32:42 pm Argentum Mines
LilEccentric AlcYanne 8:32:31 pm Argentum Mines
AlcYanne SoleSaver 8:22:42 pm Argentum Mines
kimibellas AlcYanne 3:22:36 pm Stygia
Henryatropa (Skjern Marauders) AlcYanne 3:18:28 pm Stygia
Kalel Crazyboi AlcYanne 3:13:25 pm Stygia
Haselden (Kalana Woods) AlcYanne 3:08:19 pm Stygia
Darksparrow (Stygia) AlcYanne 2:24:17 pm Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)
MONIKE2014 (Kalana Woods) AlcYanne 2:22:01 pm Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)

AlcYanne Gunner Shim 11:50:17 am Stygia
AlcYanne Resident Gunner Shim 11:48:25 am Stygia

AlcYanne Gunner Shim 9:32:17 pm Kandor Outlaws
AlcYanne Purity Restless 9:29:16 pm Kandor Outlaws

AlcYanne RAY80 10:30:24 pm Hunters Island
resistantsoul (Dark Sword Outlaws) AlcYanne 9:34:52 pm WTF
sanishine AlcYanne 9:33:53 pm WTF
nikias Gertler (Stygia) AlcYanne 9:33:50 pm WTF
kiralucy AlcYanne 9:30:44 pm WTF
Crimlitig8r (Stygia) AlcYanne 9:27:56 pm WTF

AlcYanne Aion Ethaniel (Skjern Marauders) 8:15:54 pm Argentum Mines
AlcYanne Gunner Shim 8:11:48 pm WTF
EdenRose Sharple (Tarnfighter Outlaws) AlcYanne 11:54:18 am Port of Kassau
SANAD Cerise AlcYanne 11:48:38 am Port of Kassau

nikias Gertler AlcYanne 9:21:31 pm Hunters Island
AlcYanne nikias Gertler 9:21:30 pm Hunters Island
AlcYanne lucsavatar 8:48:35 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
AlcYanne keymosabi 8:48:01 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
sunnie Crumb AlcYanne 8:47:30 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
sunnie Crumb AlcYanne 8:47:09 pm Saphronicus Stronghold