〄 Сонька золотая ручка


Registered 2017-05-07 12:28:10
K/D 1:2.27
Binds 1:1.79
Bandages 1.36:1


my sister secondlife:///app/agent/c95a9fac-5107-4db2-8f6c-7587f35a3d39/about

𝒮𝑜𝓃ь𝓀𝒶 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒢𝑜𝓁𝒹𝒽𝒶𝓃𝒹-


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wweess Dastil 11:25:37 am VIOLENTIA wl
wweess Dastil 11:25:18 am VIOLENTIA wl
wweess Dastil 11:23:58 am VIOLENTIA wl
Dastil wweess 11:11:11 am VIOLENTIA wl
Dastil wweess 11:02:59 am VIOLENTIA wl
Dastil wweess 11:00:43 am VIOLENTIA wl

wweess Suirar (City of Egeria) 1:44:10 pm Asgard Wrath
wweess JasonSakai (Snake River Outcasts) 1:41:56 pm Asgard Wrath
JasonSakai (Snake River Outcasts) wweess 1:41:52 pm Asgard Wrath
Sphinx0 (Snake River Outcasts) wweess 1:41:07 pm Asgard Wrath
Wyattgunner wweess 1:39:35 pm Asgard Wrath
mirra91 wweess 12:23:48 pm Snake River Outcasts
LaoiseFischer wweess 12:21:29 pm Snake River Outcasts
MuffyHoney wweess 12:19:58 pm Snake River Outcasts

wweess Vikyssiy 2:19:32 am Violentia

wweess flintstoney 7:51:00 am Violentia

wweess chrystal Melody 11:52:48 am Outcast
wweess Budi Setsuko (TORCA) 11:51:31 am Outcast
wweess Budi Setsuko (TORCA) 11:50:28 am Outcast
wweess shikk (Marsh Wood) 11:47:14 am Outcast
MuffyHoney wweess 11:46:15 am Outcast
wweess MuffyHoney 11:46:10 am Outcast
XxYouBabYxX wweess 11:41:29 am Outcast
BespredeL wweess 11:39:55 am Outcast
Geroin Vortex wweess 11:39:41 am Outcast
XxYouBabYxX wweess 11:36:52 am Outcast
wweess Geroin Vortex 11:33:24 am Outcast

wweess flintstoney 10:36:57 am Violentia

wweess ellizabethSc (City of Egeria) 1:33:58 pm Asgard Wrath
wweess Nasti Deed (Valeron) 1:33:20 pm Asgard Wrath
wweess Geroin Vortex 1:30:25 pm Asgard Wrath
Geroin Vortex wweess 1:30:24 pm Asgard Wrath
TheaAthina (LR Weapons /WTF) wweess 1:28:53 pm Asgard Wrath
wweess PHiL Deischer 1:23:48 pm Asgard Wrath
wweess BabyLust 12:55:03 pm Ascalon Fort