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oratoccate DamienRa 1:16:49 pm Siba
AnnaMadeline (LR Weapons) oratoccate 1:10:29 pm Siba
oratoccate AnnaMadeline (LR Weapons) 1:10:14 pm Siba
oratoccate Kressara1 1:09:22 pm Siba
oratoccate AnnaMadeline (LR Weapons) 1:08:11 pm Siba
oratoccate Raizo Takeda (Unknown) 1:07:51 pm Siba
oratoccate NaToth 1:07:48 pm Siba
Meli Hotshot (Fenrir Bandits) oratoccate 1:07:10 pm Siba
Kirsten Klaar oratoccate 1:05:09 pm Siba
oratoccate Nielea 1:05:09 pm Siba
oratoccate Raizo Takeda (Unknown) 1:02:56 pm Siba
oratoccate Hin Nebula 12:59:10 pm Siba

JamesCulum (Reavers of the Thassa) oratoccate 1:46:25 pm Unknown
Paces UwU (Argentum Mines) oratoccate 1:43:34 pm Unknown
Paces UwU (Argentum Mines) oratoccate 1:11:39 pm LR Weapons
Dr Grumpypants oratoccate 1:09:54 pm LR Weapons
oratoccate Raizo Takeda (Unknown) 1:09:06 pm LR Weapons
oratoccate Noyan Takeda (Belnend) 12:32:48 pm Belnend
oratoccate SirFrancisDrak (Belnend) 12:31:02 pm Belnend
oratoccate SirFrancisDrak (Belnend) 12:29:56 pm Belnend
ColombianDiva908 oratoccate 12:27:23 pm Belnend
ColombianDiva908 oratoccate 12:26:51 pm Belnend
Boundy Schwartzman oratoccate 12:25:39 pm Belnend
oratoccate Boundy Schwartzman 12:21:51 pm Belnend
oratoccate SaschaShadow 12:19:51 pm Belnend
oratoccate Denzel Coy (LR Weapons) 12:13:45 pm Belnend
oratoccate Mischiefness 12:07:19 pm Belnend
Mischiefness oratoccate 12:07:10 pm Belnend
Mischiefness oratoccate 12:06:18 pm Belnend
JamesBond Wolfhunter oratoccate 12:04:36 pm Belnend
oratoccate JamesCulum (Reavers of the Thassa) 12:03:19 pm Belnend
oratoccate AnnaMadeline (LR Weapons) 11:52:37 am Belnend
Rochel Greymoon oratoccate 11:52:02 am Belnend
oratoccate Stefan Mrigesh (Guardian Angel) 11:49:38 am Belnend
Lana Genezzia oratoccate 11:48:29 am Belnend