BAD Ping


Registered 2018-10-12 00:29:39
K/D 1:2.33
Binds 1:13
Bandages 1:2.41


Noooooo RL


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  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)
  • Heavy Saver
    I'll keep that safe for you, promise. (25xp)
  • Loose Change
    You might as well give your money away. (-10xp)
  • You Failure
    But i'll award you this achievement anyway. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)
  • Chicken
    That reset button has a cost. (-300xp)
  • Easy Way Out
    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)



jennah4 hamdy777 9:02:20 am Secret Paradise
Agath Avon (Siba) hamdy777 9:00:09 am Secret Paradise
hamdy777 Orrorro (Secret Bay) 6:31:54 am Secret Bay
hamdy777 Orrorro (Secret Bay) 6:30:26 am Secret Bay

vladhyde Wheatcliffe hamdy777 11:24:40 pm Hunters Island

QueenSnakes hamdy777 12:56:47 pm Jungle of Sin
Hin Nebula hamdy777 12:36:16 pm Home of The Legion - C...
Enzime Portal (Home of The Legion - Conquerors of Gor) hamdy777 12:33:32 pm Home of The Legion - C...
hamdy777 Josie Seubert 11:50:01 am Rive-de-Bois
hamdy777 sophia Swords 11:42:07 am Rive-de-Bois
sophia Swords hamdy777 11:42:02 am Rive-de-Bois
sophia Swords hamdy777 11:41:20 am Rive-de-Bois
Nuvenia Magic hamdy777 11:37:37 am Rive-de-Bois
JasonSakai (LR Weapons /WTF) hamdy777 11:11:00 am Rarir Forest
JasonSakai (LR Weapons /WTF) hamdy777 11:09:53 am Rarir Forest
mervecim hamdy777 11:06:05 am Rarir Forest
alexnyc (LR Weapons /WTF) hamdy777 11:03:49 am Rarir Forest
hamdy777 Agath Avon (Siba) 10:15:12 am Secret Bay
Agath Avon (Siba) hamdy777 10:13:30 am Secret Bay
hamdy777 Agath Avon (Siba) 9:45:25 am Skjaldmo
Agath Avon (Siba) hamdy777 9:44:44 am Skjaldmo

Sphinx0 hamdy777 3:10:52 pm Rarir Forest
Sphinx0 hamdy777 3:10:09 pm Rarir Forest
Yasiria hamdy777 3:06:16 pm Rarir Forest
Roccohey hamdy777 3:02:53 pm Rarir Forest
Roccohey hamdy777 3:02:01 pm Rarir Forest
Sybila Viatruso (Rarir Forest) hamdy777 2:59:14 pm Rarir Forest
Beauty Heartsdale (LR Weapons /WTF) hamdy777 2:58:15 pm Rarir Forest
Tatianna Starostin (LR Weapons /WTF) hamdy777 2:55:32 pm Rarir Forest
hamdy777 Tatianna Starostin (LR Weapons /WTF) 2:55:26 pm Rarir Forest
hamdy777 Magic1love (Secret Bay) 2:00:52 am Siba

SomberAngel (Secret Bay) hamdy777 11:18:35 am LR Weapons /WTF
SomberAngel (Secret Bay) hamdy777 11:14:37 am LR Weapons /WTF

vladhyde Wheatcliffe hamdy777 11:03:20 pm Hunters Island
Envy Baar (Argentum Mines) hamdy777 3:42:40 pm Argentum Mines