Registered 2018-01-29 00:21:40
K/D 1:1.17
Binds 1.2:1
Bandages 1.03:1


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  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)
  • Loose Change
    You might as well give your money away. (-10xp)



Dani Cloud (Dark Sword Outlaws) ZikOo 5:39:43 pm Ascalon Fort
Mori Cloud ZikOo 5:39:18 pm Ascalon Fort

Zeta Nova (Ascalon Fort) ZikOo 3:23:33 pm Marsh Wood
Tortured Frequency (Marsh Wood) ZikOo 3:19:50 pm Marsh Wood
ZikOo Java Rasa (Ascalon Fort) 3:19:44 pm Marsh Wood
Bibi Roxan ZikOo 3:16:22 pm Marsh Wood
mirra91 (Harfax Legion) ZikOo 2:58:01 pm Harfax Legion
Denzel Coy (Harfax Legion) ZikOo 2:55:17 pm Harfax Legion

Kimberly Chanirra ZikOo 4:05:34 am Ascalon Fort
Kimberly Chanirra ZikOo 4:04:05 am Ascalon Fort

Mr Cloud (Dark Sword Outlaws) ZikOo 5:54:13 pm Ascalon Fort
Malaya Zulaman (Argentum Mines) ZikOo 5:54:11 pm Ascalon Fort
Mori Cloud ZikOo 5:53:04 pm Ascalon Fort
ZikOo takeeshi 5:48:05 pm Argentum Mines
Malaya Zulaman (Argentum Mines) ZikOo 5:47:33 pm Argentum Mines
Malaya Zulaman (Argentum Mines) ZikOo 5:44:39 pm Argentum Mines
Nummy Leborski (Argentum Mines) ZikOo 5:42:19 pm Argentum Mines
ZikOo ZikOo 5:01:28 pm Ascalon Fort
Antonio Memo (Argentum Mines) ZikOo 4:57:33 pm Ascalon Fort
Drowning ZikOo 4:35:58 pm Argentum Mines
ZikOo ZikOo 4:35:17 pm Argentum Mines
Yoshini Nuyasaka (Argentum Mines) ZikOo 4:31:32 pm Argentum Mines
ZikOo PinnOne 4:31:20 pm Argentum Mines

ZikOo ZikOo 1:05:50 pm Outcast
Sonny Homebuilder ZikOo 1:03:37 pm Outcast
ZikOo Nortn Cloud 1:01:36 pm Outcast

ZikOo ZikOo 2:11:36 pm Asgard Wrath
Nasti Deed (Valeron) ZikOo 2:07:19 pm Asgard Wrath
Suirar (Asgard Wrath) ZikOo 2:06:29 pm Asgard Wrath
ZikOo Devan Kiranov 2:02:49 pm Asgard Wrath
ZikOo ZikOo 1:24:32 pm Argentum Mines
Riott Dismantled ZikOo 1:22:55 pm Argentum Mines
ZikOo Yoshini Nuyasaka (Argentum Mines) 1:21:38 pm Argentum Mines
ZikOo BabyLust 1:20:11 pm Argentum Mines
ZikOo Zeta Nova (Ascalon Fort) 1:18:49 pm Argentum Mines