Medusa Avora

Mimi Tiare Kaina VOODOO


Registered 2018-02-03 20:28:33
K/D 1:1.47
Binds 1:1.62
Bandages 1.66:1

Mimi - Leihah

NO ATTACK me if NO RP ..better go to hunt on pew pew sim.
rp GE and BTB..
MIMI is a french woman, a complex One , ,
calling Miss stress me ... i'm NOT A DOMME
Huntress of Mahana and Tara Anuanua my 2 wonderfull
voodoo girls. she is a manbo VOODOO in Gor rp.
rp limits GOR.. kill , dismembrement .... no rp 30 mins i tp out ...
No info, no RL play, nothing. Don't want know about your rl...


Siba GE

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