Pαιѕlεч Bαвч


Registered 2017-05-12 06:13:15
K/D 1:1.44
Binds 1:1.83
Bandages 1.4:1

Pαιѕlεч Bαвч

You down me in binds....I remove the binds!!

It was her chaos that made her beautiful.

"as fuck" is my favorite unit of measurement!!

I am a complete avatar snob!!

https://gyazo.com/afc4a79f51f41ce4f8a1db2c32f81d66 https://gyazo.com/533258949a8d86453ce358d43f4fce85 https://gyazo.com/94affacc894d776ffc8fea187a1a67b6


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