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VictoriaDarkRaven Maluquete (Secret Bay) 1:28:00 pm Topanga Canyon
VictoriaDarkRaven Marjani Tracer (Topanga Canyon) 1:27:05 pm Topanga Canyon
VictoriaDarkRaven Bellahna (Topanga Canyon) 1:25:52 pm Topanga Canyon
VictoriaDarkRaven Marjani Tracer (Topanga Canyon) 1:24:54 pm Topanga Canyon
VictoriaDarkRaven violette Balazic 12:23:32 pm Village of Gimli
VictoriaDarkRaven BrokenGleipnir 12:04:53 pm Village of Gimli

nutrella21 VictoriaDarkRaven 5:30:29 pm Argentum Mines
nutrella21 VictoriaDarkRaven 5:28:56 pm Argentum Mines
MoonZap VictoriaDarkRaven 5:28:15 pm Argentum Mines
VictoriaDarkRaven aldjewnwi Savira (Marsh Wood Pirates) 5:21:05 pm Argentum Mines
LookingLou69 VictoriaDarkRaven 5:20:17 pm Argentum Mines
VictoriaDarkRaven LithiumSalt 5:18:09 pm Argentum Mines

Lorilei McCullough (Valkyrie Forest) VictoriaDarkRaven 11:31:29 pm Topanga Canyon

Nummy Leborski (Argentum Mines) VictoriaDarkRaven 3:18:07 pm Argentum Mines
Menagerie Bayn (Argentum Mines) VictoriaDarkRaven 3:15:44 pm Argentum Mines
kallista Dubratt (LR Weapons / Valinor) VictoriaDarkRaven 3:13:54 pm Argentum Mines
VictoriaDarkRaven Keymosabi Voxel (TORCA) 3:12:17 pm Argentum Mines

Harry Horchester VictoriaDarkRaven 6:55:49 pm Sunholm Highland
Harry Horchester VictoriaDarkRaven 6:55:14 pm Sunholm Highland
MeiYuki Suisei (Sunholm Highland) VictoriaDarkRaven 6:52:59 pm Sunholm Highland
VictoriaDarkRaven sophia Swords (LR Weapons / Valinor) 6:51:36 pm Sunholm Highland
VictoriaDarkRaven kallista Dubratt (LR Weapons / Valinor) 6:43:55 pm Sunholm Highland
JasonSakai (LR Weapons / Valinor) VictoriaDarkRaven 6:42:26 pm Sunholm Highland
VictoriaDarkRaven breestonewood 6:40:06 pm Sunholm Highland
VictoriaDarkRaven sophia Swords (LR Weapons / Valinor) 6:37:41 pm Sunholm Highland
QueenSnakes VictoriaDarkRaven 4:20:44 pm Jungle of Sin
kevinkyle1 VictoriaDarkRaven 4:15:02 pm Jungle of Sin

VictoriaDarkRaven Hacci Shamrock 10:20:18 pm DSO
Cream Boucher VictoriaDarkRaven 10:18:54 pm DSO
JulietMalory VictoriaDarkRaven 10:18:41 pm DSO
Keymosabi Voxel (TORCA) VictoriaDarkRaven 10:17:08 pm DSO
VictoriaDarkRaven Hacci Shamrock 10:17:05 pm DSO
VictoriaDarkRaven sophia Swords (LR Weapons / Valinor) 9:57:28 pm DSO
VictoriaDarkRaven SomberAngel 9:55:28 pm DSO
JulietMalory VictoriaDarkRaven 9:53:00 pm DSO