Registered 2019-12-10 17:45:58
K/D 1.67:1
Binds 2.62:1
Bandages 1.53:1


A run away from a family that was to sell her into slavery as an exotic.
Stole weapons she does not know how to use and lives off the land afraid she will be found and dragged back.
Collar of leather shows signs of being cut at in attempt to remove.

Super fast emoter, 1-2 lines then enter...keep up!


Omeesha does not belong to any groups.


  • Easy Way Out
    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



Omeesha lacas Adamczyk 1:22:30 pm Secret Bay
Omeesha Omeesha 1:14:09 pm Secret Paradise
lacas Adamczyk Omeesha 1:11:41 pm Secret Paradise
Omeesha Leyla Voix 1:11:36 pm Secret Paradise

rubenyosef47 (Jade Isle) Omeesha 10:52:52 am Valkyrie Forest
Omeesha rubenyosef47 (Jade Isle) 10:52:35 am Valkyrie Forest
rubenyosef47 Resident (Jade Isle) Omeesha 10:33:09 am Valkyrie Forest

MeiYuki Suisei (Nixheim) Omeesha 10:03:36 pm Tuath
Omeesha SomberAngel (outlawz) 6:17:43 pm Sinners Port
Omeesha SomberAngel (outlawz) 6:16:03 pm Sinners Port
Omeesha PainNsuffering 6:02:58 pm Sinners Port
Omeesha PainNsuffering 5:58:38 pm Sinners Port

Omeesha YuzukiYoshida 9:57:52 pm Secret Paradise
Omeesha YuzukiYoshida 9:56:42 pm Secret Paradise
Omeesha xenfenix2 (Mirkwood Forest) 9:52:05 pm Secret Paradise
Omeesha xenfenix2 (Mirkwood Forest) 9:48:48 pm Secret Paradise

eratostenea Omeesha 7:59:47 pm Ice Fang
eratostenea Omeesha 7:58:16 pm Ice Fang

Omeesha penutbutterjellyman 5:34:20 pm Secret Bay

Omeesha Nauadah 7:38:57 pm DSO
Omeesha Nauadah 7:37:20 pm DSO

Omeesha Omeesha 7:55:22 pm Coast
Roccohey Omeesha 7:54:21 pm Coast
Omeesha Pestilence Braveheart 7:49:09 pm Coast
Omeesha Frank Hoof 5:53:29 pm Siba
Omeesha Frank Hoof 5:51:03 pm DSO

Omeesha oratoccate (Rarir) 7:48:54 am Secret Bay
Omeesha Ailadetvarke (Secret Bay) 7:47:02 am Secret Paradise
Omeesha Maluquete (Secret Bay) 7:41:27 am Secret Paradise
Omeesha Paris Venus 7:38:41 am Secret Paradise

Omeesha Resident Omeesha 10:04:48 pm Secret Bay
Omeesha Romina Werefox (Mirkwood Forest) 10:00:47 pm Mirkwood Forest

Valerie Steampunk Omeesha 7:08:58 am Secret Paradise
Omeesha Paris Venus 7:01:35 am Siba
Omeesha Valerie Steampunk 7:00:44 am Siba