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K/D 1:1.95
Binds 2.72:1
Bandages 1:1.17


(Alternate account of Taela Resident)

Unfiltered and loud. And yes, I role play.


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  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)



Myraela Resident muffinman22 8:44:01 am Unknown

Myraela TwiFi Shamen (Unknown) 9:35:37 am Unknown
Myraela TwiFi Shamen (Unknown) 9:34:28 am Unknown

Myraela VerdasNavaali (TORCA) 2:36:07 pm Sinners
Concorduh (The Ruins) Myraela 2:31:45 pm Sinners

Alika Xaris (Unknown) Myraela 1:03:33 pm Unknown
Alika Xaris (Unknown) Myraela 1:03:27 pm Unknown

Bael Nymphea (San Tor) Myraela 5:44:49 pm Valkyrie Forest
JJ Soir (Unknown) Myraela 5:42:49 pm Valkyrie Forest
Becky Weimes Myraela 5:38:25 pm Valkyrie Forest
Myraela Samanta Soulstar 5:37:53 pm Valkyrie Forest
Ezio Sabretooth (Unknown) Myraela 5:05:10 pm Unknown

Warrscythe Dismantled (Northern Islands) Myraela 7:56:45 pm Northern Islands
Myraela Tatianna Starostin (Brundisium) 7:34:26 pm Warlord Mercenaries
Myraela Many Mayako 7:33:50 pm Warlord Mercenaries
Jokekiller (Northern Islands) Myraela 7:31:41 pm Warlord Mercenaries

Paces UwU (Fenrir Bandits) Myraela 7:15:41 pm Unknown
Myraela Paces UwU (Fenrir Bandits) 7:12:58 pm Unknown
Paces UwU (Fenrir Bandits) Myraela 7:12:58 pm Unknown
Raizo Takeda (Northern Islands) Myraela 3:43:12 pm Northern Islands
Raizo Takeda (Northern Islands) Myraela 3:43:09 pm Northern Islands
Jokekiller (Northern Islands) Myraela 3:42:11 pm Northern Islands
Jokekiller (Northern Islands) Myraela 3:41:26 pm Northern Islands

Tyat (Unknown) Myraela 5:51:46 pm Unknown
Tyat (Unknown) Myraela 5:51:34 pm Unknown
Ezio Sabretooth (Unknown) Myraela 5:50:15 pm Unknown

Myraela kostasgreece (Asgard) 12:56:35 pm Asgard n Sinners
RashPlash Myraela 12:54:04 pm Asgard n Sinners
Myraela ginger Scaggs (Unknown) 12:50:11 pm Asgard n Sinners
ginger Scaggs (Unknown) Myraela 12:50:08 pm Asgard n Sinners
Dr Grumpypants Myraela 12:44:10 pm Asgard n Sinners
RemoBoone Myraela 12:43:42 pm Asgard n Sinners
RemoBoone Myraela 12:40:06 pm Asgard n Sinners
Concorduh (The Ruins) Myraela 12:38:29 pm Asgard n Sinners
Myraela Eva Carson 12:37:09 pm Asgard n Sinners