2.04 (Stable)

8th April 2020
  • Teleporting in bubble causing spam

2.03 (Stable)

4th April 2020
  • Reduced memory usage slightly
  • Label bugs
  • Bandage bugs
  • Fall damage bugs
  • Region counter
  • Resets not counting
  • Missing capture stats

2.02 (Stable)

23rd March 2020
  • Reverted back to the old labels
  • HUD menu is now brighter
  • Tweaked the flood protection
  • Increased the contrast on the menu
  • Self-binding too early will now give you the amount of time you need to wait
  • Soundsets labeled incorrectly
  • Mode restore not working
  • Coin transfer issues
  • /32 (un)bind feet
  • /32 announce being cut to the first word
  • Drowning level in certain situations being wrong
  • Region sync bugs

2.0 (Stable)

21th November 2019
  • Performance improvments

    Large portions of the meter have been rewritten to remove legacy or un-optimized code. The total script count has been reduced by 2, cpu usage has been halved and memory usage has been reduced by 35%.
  • New Server
  • New Menu
  • The region settings message now shows if money is enabled on the region.
  • You can now delete groups from your zCS profile when logged in.
  • Switch to APIv2
  • Meter Bandaging/Stealing

    The meter itself (rather than the HUD) now performs the bandage and steal. This makes bandages and steals quicker to initiate.
  • Coin amount now on the HUD now include pending steals.
  • Reduced the steal time.
  • Steals now get released after 2 hours rather than 24.
  • When bubbled, the meter would constantly update the meter title when it didn't need to.
  • If you left a region while drowning, your health would never recover.
  • Casting/Cooldowns

    The performace impact was not worth it given the usage (or lack of it).
  • Deflection (aka arrow shielding)

    Same as above, usage didn't justify the performance impact.
  • 'Realistic' Fall Damage

    This is quite laggy to keep, so it has been swapped to a system where you take damage whilst falling.
  • 2 Scripts

    7 total => 5 total
  • Customizable Aid time.

    You can now aid people after 90 seconds.
  • /32 resync
  • Heartbeet

1.89b (Stable)

12th September 2019
  • Bind bugs

1.89a (Stable)

16th August 2019
  • Bind bugs

1.89 (Stable)

6th August 2019
  • Weaker Females

    When this is enabled on a region, avatars with a female shape will take 25% more damage.
    When you're in a sim with this setting set, the gender symbol will display next to your label
  • Bolt Damage (20%)
  • Improved health/defense bar responsiveness.
  • Death/Capture timer now share the same timer which is now red. Bind timer is now on the bottom of the HUD.
  • Rewrote the damage processor.
  • Rewrote the steal process
  • Actions now display at 25% intervals instead of 20% intervals towards completion. (Still same times)
  • Leashing when leasher tps out
  • Being able to start a steal before being able to steal.
  • Stealing whilst bandaging not canceling the bandage animation.
  • Improved HUD responsiveness.

1.82 (Stable)

30th November 2018
  • New Server
  • All actions are now reporting at 20% progression (bandage/steal/etc).
  • Stealing went back to 60 seconds to complete.
  • Unbind information on sync has been clarified.
  • Updated compatible weapons.
  • Being automatically bound due to no response will start your meter at 5%, not 20%.
  • Non-categorized sims will no longer register events.
  • Weaker melee has returned and does 15%.
  • Meter not immediately reporting if captured or not on attachment.
  • Enhanced bullets were only working against beast meters.
  • RLV meter not permitting detaching when outdated (should from once using 1.82 and on).
  • Barrier not changing people to combat after deeded and region restarted.
  • Warden had two scripts instead of one.
  • Not being able to unbind on non-leashed time if person who has you leashed leaves the region.
  • Double region sync (update server)
  • You'll now always start at 20 defence points when recovering.

1.81 (Stable)

11th October 2018
  • Meter wouldn't connect to old servers, meaning aid and bind settings could go wrong.
  • Some update issues and added more logging to the update server (getting reworked).

1.80 (Stable)

5th October 2018
  • Public Vendors & Coinpouch
  • New Barrier
  • Warden (cheat detector)
  • Enhanced Bullets
  • More damage types
  • Steal progress now goes up in segments of 20%, not 33%.
  • Updated server (please update)
  • Updated dispenser
  • RLV restrictions
  • Compatible weapons list
  • Slightly reduced the distance at which you can click bubbles/binds.
  • Clicking bubble/binds out of range will now tell the person they're out of range.
  • HUD background disappearing if logging in with an alpha texture behind it (e.g. a tree).
  • Some vendor related issues that broke the new vendor system.
  • /32 bandage near wasn't very responsive.
  • Post order not removing people after they left the region and it is their turn to post.
  • Changing mode whilst doing an action will now cancel it.
  • Leashes now can drag people from one region to another.
  • Increased in the reliability of the attach/detach and login messages.
  • Logging back in when unconscious now puts you back in the captured animation.
  • Merchant Servers
  • Animation region setting

1.71 (Stable)

3rd July 2018
  • You can no longer bind/unbind your own feet or sit/stand yourself in binds.
  • Some changes to help the upcoming vendors.
  • Some instances where updates wouldn't be sent. If you're still not getting the update, use a dispenser. You shouldn't have any further issues.
  • People in RP mode could never be bound. You can put those DeLorean's away at last.
  • Clicking "Cut Loose" on someone already unbinding would cancel the animation.
  • Auto-bind due to non-response timer was no longer very accurate, those 25 seconds is now 25 seconds.
  • You can no longer roll negative numbers.
  • Updated compatible weapon lists

1.70 (Stable)

18th June 2018
  • Capture Time Region Setting

    Regions can now control the amount of time people are left unconscious. Minimum 5m, Max 3600m (60 minutes).
    Being in RP mode DOUBLES this amount.
  • RLV Meter

    This is requested by a few. The RLV meter enforces camera restrictions, region windlight and no minimap. Additionally, when unconscious, the screen is blurred and nametags are hidden.
    RLV meters have rlv in their description and a padlock on their label.
  • Upgraded Delivery Terminal

    The delivery terminal will now let its owner choose what variant of the meter to deliver (normal, beast or rlv).
  • New Region Sync Message

    The new format of the region sync message should be a lot easier to read and understand.
  • /32 announce (message) no longer requires you to be in mod mode
  • We tweaked our top sims statistic system to take into account than just combat.
  • Beasts can now hold coins.
  • Shortened some strings.
  • Adjusted wardens flooding protection, it reacts quicker but now "cools down" quicker. We'll see how this goes.
  • Increased fall damage slightly.
  • Set Free (the setting) has been renamed to Quick Unbind.
  • Set Free (on the menu) has been renamed to Cut Loose.
  • Your own bind menu will now tell you the self-unbind time for the region, just in-case you forget before trying.
  • If someone who downs/binds you is not wearing a valid meter, the event will be logged on the website but won't be considered a 'stat'.
  • Hovering over the sidebar on the site will now stop it streaming, to prevent mis-clicks.
  • Replaced internal mentions of zcs.smi.sh with zcs.app
  • Flooding the meter's HUD could flood your meter.
  • Flooding your personal bubble channel could flood the meter.
  • Region sync rarely not happening (e.g. drowning when you shouldn't be)
  • Some fall damage bugs on region crossings.
  • Some bugs relating to mod mode.
  • Detaching the meter whilst bandaging, stealing etc will now cancel said action.
  • Labels could be truncated if set via /32
  • Detaching the meter whilst bandaging, then putting it back on would continue to non-stop play the bandaging sound.
  • Self-unbind time for leash can no longer be shorter than self-unbind for non-leashed.
  • Self-unbind on leash is now automatically off if the region has a self-unbind time set, unless specifically set.
  • /32 sheath caused you to drop leashes.

1.60 (Stable)

29th April 2018
  • Added a new improper message report when an improper message is sent to the meter.
  • When in mod mode, can do /32 announce whatever_message to announce to the region.
  • Reduce chance of getting the spam message.
  • Mode not being saved, and optimized section.
  • Removed some spaces where there should not be spaces.
  • Combat Zone not switching people to combat mode from pre-release version.
  • Some more strings.
  • Forgot to include some items in the extras folder.
  • Last update didn't permit post order from being rezzed

1.50 (Stable)

21st April 2018
  • HUD Monochrome

    A version of the HUD that should be better for those who are colour blind.
  • A mod/admin board to the sim tools pack
  • Death Time Region Setting
  • Stronger Beasts Region Setting
  • Reset Region Setting
  • Beast Stats (Top Captured Beast, Top Capturing Hunter)
  • Sign on server now has different mesh.
  • Increased brawl (fist fighter) damage from 5-8% to 12-15%.
  • You can no longer steal from others when bound yourself.
  • Ground sitting will take splash damage.
  • The meter is now aware of username changes.
  • Experience changes.
  • When the beast meter is outdated, it will now directly send the beast meter box.
  • Performance Improvements on the Website.
  • Beast meter now doesn't play animations.
  • Beast Meter touch box is now larger.
  • You'll now have a beast icon on the HUD if you're wearing a beast meter.
  • Shortened the region sync message.
  • You can now see a regions raw settings file on its region page. (this is the file that gets sent to meters)
  • You can now add region admins by using their UUID.
  • Beast meters will now have a "b" at the end of the key in the description.
  • Old meters won't disable on the beta grid.
  • The meter now alerts if the wearer is flooding it and no longer locks up as easily.
  • Beasts can no longer steal from others.
  • Beasts can no longer be stolen from.
  • Beasts will no longer display any money.
  • Beasts can now only bandage other beasts, however normal meters can bandage beasts.
  • Beasts will now have a beast tag on their zCS profile.
  • /32 refresh is no longer restricted.
  • Tweaked the anti-flooding formula.
  • Sound selection from HUD not working properly.
  • Few issues relating to region renames/transfers.
  • If you attached an already disabled meter, it could send you the update package twice.
  • Fall damage now maxes out at 200%, not 205%.
  • Shielded hits didn't count towards assists.
  • Some bugs adding region admins.
  • You couldn't reset if you died from drowning etc.
  • Support link on website was broken.
  • You can no longer register regions on the beta grid.
  • HUD sync bug.
  • Automatic AO Management.

1.49z (Stable)

11th February 2018
  • Region Login Notification

    When logging into a region, the meter will now send out a message on the mod channel. This only happens when logging into a region, not when teleporting into one.
  • Didn't take damage when on a tarn/horse properly.
  • Some strings

    We really really like string.

1.49y (Stable)

29th January 2018
  • Region Wide zCS Enforcer (needs deed, and for zCS ONLY sims)

    We've only given this out per-request before. However due to several reports of people griefing and jumping over to avoid the enforcers, we’ve decided to bundle this optional item with the meter.
    The enforcer will only scan people under 300m, so shops etc at higher altitudes are unaffected. Additionally, if someone is within 20m of the barrel, they will only be warned (and not ejected), so ideally it should be placed on your docks. If they leave the docks and don't put a meter on within 60s, they will be removed from the region.
  • zCS Dispenser (Barrel)

    It was requested for an alternate version of the dispenser that didn't look futuristic, so we've supplied a cosmetic alternative that is a barrel.
    Also, our dispenser script is not restricted to our barrel, you're more than welcome to put it in your own prim.
  • The targeting menu (e.g. for bandaging) now displays a cancel button.
  • A bunch more achievements, for most capturing, binding, bandaging, bound, resetting, stealing etc.
  • Leash action on HUD (under Actions) & /32 leash.
  • /32 bandage near.

    Automatically starts bandaging the closest person to you.
  • Leash Holder (Works with both zCS & OC).

    If you don't like the bundled mesh, you can take the script out and put it in your own leash holder, it won't interfere with OpenCollars.
  • Tweaked the anti-spoof code, this should make training bots appear properly when fighting now.

    If a weapon now hits you and is forging its name (which bots need do to), the meter will now say that name plus the owner name.
  • The targeting menu (e.g. for bandaging) now displays a cancel button.
  • Made the collision surface on the no-arena and meter detector pass through much larger.
  • Starting bandages should feel a lot snappier.
  • Rename Range+ to Deflection.
  • Sounds for detach/attach.
  • Sound for entering mod mode.
  • If the holder and dropper of a leash are the same, the holder is no longer mentioned twice.

    [09:15:05] zCS Slightly Opaque dropped zCSEngineer Resident's leash (held by Slightly Opaque).
    [09:17:04] zCS Slightly Opaque dropped zCSEngineer Resident's leash.
  • Meter detector couldn't be deeded.
  • Coin transferring now shows up while in RP mode (thanks Zecora for pointing it out).
  • Crash when bandaging when too many people are around.
  • Bandage animation/sound sometimes wouldn't cancel.
  • Some formatting issues with names on the target menu.
  • Deflection (was called Range+) didn't work.

    There appears to be some confusion over this. Deflection is a feature that allows you to shield projectiles that hit you from the front, the same way as melee. However, it is off by default on the region and region owners themselves can ask to have this feature enabled by inquiring to one of the meter admins.
    This feature is INTENDED for STAR WARS, etc, where you can block bullets or deflect projectiles. Ultimately, it’s up to region owners to configure the region settings to what they want.
  • HUD bugs & performance fixes.
  • Sound sets restoring for beast meters.
  • Resets were not being recorded on the website (sorry).
  • Some string fixes.
  • Auto-changing to combat when you down someone in combat.

    Caused more issues than it was worth, it might return one day.

1.49x (Stable)

29th December 2017
  • "I'm a Slave" toggle.
    You can click the settings icon whilst logged into the website to tell the system you are a slave. The system will no longer give you money for playing and you won't be able to steal from others.

  • (Casting) Aid Animation (thanks Xavier)
  • Aid/Bind on HUD didn't work.
  • Glitch which could allow Aid in situations where there shouldn't be Aid.
  • Downing people in Arena would switch you to Combat.
  • The steal animation wouldn't cancel if the target tped out.
  • Some bows would show splash being set to direct 3 times on region change.
  • Aids via casting wouldn't contain ↥
  • Stealing animation took too long to cancel.
  • /32 channel mod and /32 channel combat commands didn't work.

1.49 (Stable)

27th December 2017
  • (Experimental) Range+ (Arrow Blocking)
    This allows you to block/dodge arrows similar to melee. This is experimental and is DISABLED by default, please IM a zCS admin if you want this turned on for your region.
  • Animation for Stealing
  • Forced Mode Switching from Arena
    In certain situations, the meter will now force you from arena mode into combat mode. These include downing someone who's not in arena or bandaging.
  • No-Arena Barrier
  • Fist Fighter
  • Moderation Mode (/32 mode mod)
    Only admins listed on the region server can enter mod mode.
  • Most Assisting and Most Assisted Boards

    You can stop asking now, tyvm.
  • Rifle & Pistol damage types (CSChannel)

    Stars Wars here we go.
  • (Stealing) Steals are now auto accepted, HOWEVER will be placed into a "hot" status for 24 hours. During this period, the stolen coins will be unavailable to the stealer, a sim ADMIN can also INVALIDATE the steal during this period (e.g. was invalid rp). The steal transaction key (e.g. #3HfVbjXzhLRnCJGD6r) can be clicked to view the steal details.

    After this 24 hour period, the coins are released to the stealer. If INVALIDATED, the coins will be automatically returned to the victim after an hour of the ruling.
  • (Stealing) A steal will immediately fail if the target can not be stolen from.
  • (Stealing) TPing out whilst being stolen from will now force the steal to happen immediately.
  • Label length has been raised.
    If your label is long enough to cause issues, it will be truncated temporarily during combat.
  • (Casting) HUD will now check for a valid meter before starting a bandage.
  • Binding/aiding from the HUD has been optimized.
  • (Casting) Trying to bandage/steal in arena mode will now automatically switch you into combat mode.
  • Tweaked anti-camping detection methods.
  • Protocol improvements (on average, the zcs "cloud" has around 500 concurrent connections to Second Life at any one time).
  • Some changes to help with our future Capture-the-Flag and NPC releases (more on those soon).
  • (Casting) You can no longer attempt to bind/aid someone who isn't actually unconscious.
  • (Casting) Casting now respects bind/aid time limits.
  • Xs remaining for bind/aid cooldown is now more accurate (no longer rounded to multiple of 5's).
  • Updated the meter detector with the new logo.
  • Re-arranged the menu slightly.
  • Sitting down wouldn't clear the falling state (e.g. using teleporters), sometimes resulting in instant death.
  • Teleporting within a region wouldn't clear the falling state.
  • Teleporting to a different region whilst falling into a sim that hadn't enabled falling would result in the fall listener never being removed, causing performance issues.
  • Compact Tag setting was still available in the HUD, despite not being used.
  • Transferring a region ownership to someone who was a registered sim admin would cause them to appear twice on the admin list.
  • Crash when HUD checked the existence of a meter.
  • Memory improvements.
  • If you log out while casting (e.g. a bandage), when logging back in the cast will now cancel.
  • Logging out whilst bound will now restore the animations correctly when you log back in.
  • Attacker names being empty or showing as (??).(??)
  • Workaround for bows that would turn on splash reports when they shouldn't.
  • When rebooting the meter, weapons which were locked wouldn't unlock.

1.48x (Stable)

29th November 2017
  • Raised label limit.

1.48 (Stable)

26th November 2017
  • Achievement compatibility!
  • CSChannel Damage types: brawl, throw dagger
  • Script errors that happened to several people
  • Sync settings not applying properly in certain conditions.
  • Increased threshold for beast meter placement (for real this time).
  • Weaker Melee (There is a place that uses it!)

1.47 (Stable)

25th November 2017
  • Auto AO Turn off (Firestorm only)

    The meter will now turn off/on your AO when appropriate (e.g. in binds, bubble), this may work with some other AOs. If you wish to turn this behavior off, Goto Preferences -> Firestorm -> Avatar and turn off "Allow LockMeister protocol to enable or disable built in AO"
  • Male 4 (male4), Male 5 (male5), Female 4 (female4) and Female 5 (female5) soundsets.
  • Region Discord Hook
  • New Damage Format (CSChannel)
  • Unbind Stat
  • Aid Stat
  • .unleash is now /11 .unleash

    Given that the meter automatically unleashes people when you draw any weapon, .unleash has been mostly made redundant, so has been moved out of local. .grab and .length are now under /11 too.
  • Landing in water will no longer prevent fall damage if you fall more than 50m.
  • Region sync is now faster.
  • Reduced CPU usage of the meter by 45%.
  • Overall scripts has gone from 8 to 7. (Meter - 4. HUD - 3)
  • Reduced memory by 20%.
  • Updated logo.
  • Sped up setting restoration, in particular sound sets during upgrades.
  • Meter will no longer check for updates on every region change.
  • Maximum amount of admins per region server has been raised from 10 to 15.

    Yes, there are people that actually use this many.
  • Leash messages are now whispered in local rather than on the combat channel.
  • Region pages now show when they were last edited and who edited them.
  • Region-wide messages are now more reliable, especially when they happen shortly after region changes.
  • Casting progress (bandages, etc) is now whispered into local rather than on the combat channel.
  • Re-uploaded root prim to lower complexity.
  • Improved the reliability of currency showing.
  • The meter now boots up much quicker.
  • Replace Morris Graphs with HighCharts (thanks Dayvd).
  • Casting time for binds (casting sims only) is now 30s and not 24s.
  • Emoji's on the site are now rendered via EmojiOne rather than your browsers built-in Emoji library, so are now displayed inside the SL browser (no more boxes).
  • Manage Profile has now been removed on the HUD and Web now does what it used to-do.
  • Improved the reliability of shielding.
  • Updated the delivery terminal, will now distribute the delivery process over multiple sims, so it doesn't bork when Corruption is down.
  • Script error if meter is detached very shortly after being attached (thanks Roland).
  • Beast meter position allowance was too small for larl, sleens etc avatars.
  • Label restrictions were too strong, preventing some legitimate names.
  • Leashing and Binds causing high CPU.
  • Labels allowed to be too long.
  • HUD error message relating to texture.
  • Comma's in labels breaking label restoration.
  • Bug that could cause Helper to crash.
  • Certain damage types wouldn't show up on hit reports (e.g. trap).
  • If you suicided, you could still take fall damage.
  • Weaker Melee (no one used it).

1.45 (Stable)

13th October 2017
  • Assists

    People who assisted in downing somebody else will now get a stat for it.
  • Updated Animations. No more hulk shoulders (it annoyed us too).
  • Discord Integration (Experimental)
  • Experience Support (Experimental)

    Experiences allow regions to build more immersive envrionments for roleplay and combat. You can find an example at Skerry of Einar (turn around at the docks).
  • Icons for Events - e.g. [12:12:53] zCS ⚔ TwiFi Shamen captured (arena) zCSEngineer Resident. ⚔
  • Meter no longer detaches when out of date, instead it will only disable and play a sound to alert of an update.
  • When removing binds, the mod channel now states how long you were bound for.
  • You can no longer be bound in arena mode.
  • You will now get warnings when attaching the beast meter that you should be a beast.
  • Resets in other modes are now reported, on the combat channel (RP mode won't see them).
  • You will now get a dialog when you are auto bound due to no activity.
  • The activity feed on the site now automatically shows new events.
  • Bug that could allow the meter label to become black.
  • Some harmless debugging text was left in that shouldn't of been.
  • Some spaces where spaces should not be, space-ception.
  • When being auto bound due to no response, no stat was given.
  • Being down wouldn't automatically unleash, was broken.
  • Beast meter was broken.
  • Region would double sync with region when teleporting rapidly between multiple regions.
  • The applying of region settings was sometimes unreliable.

1.44 (Stable)

21st September 2017
  • Region Settings: Toggle animations (Bandaging & Unbinding)
  • Colours: default, violet, butterrum
  • Site is now much faster and easier to use
  • Now reports what mode user is in when re-attaching & detaching the meter
  • Now only when 100 HP & 100 Defense will you see your label, and custom color
  • If using the colors yellow, orange, red, or white. You will find that when not in RP mode, these colors will turn to the default green. This is due to large confusion.
  • Sync message report is now in alphabetical order.
  • A few more symbols are no longer allowed in labels
  • Speed improvements
  • Hit sounds are now played within 96 meters when outside of arena mode (31 meters when in arena)
  • Defense not showing when at full HP
  • Some unnecessary #s
  • Colors: brown and white

1.43 (Stable)

17th September 2017
  • Meter Position Enforcement

    Some were offsetting the meter to be far away from its intended position, this is no longer allowed.
  • Bandage Mesh
  • Bandage Sound
  • Bandage Animation
  • Automatic Unleashing V2

    You will now automatically drop leashes when pulling out any weapon without .unleash.
  • /32 sheath -> sheath all weapons
  • /32 resync -> resync with cloud in case of sync error
  • Merchant Kit
  • Tag Colour under settings menu + babyblue
  • Symbol restrictions in label
  • Reduced spam from cloud settings restore
  • Improved camping detection
  • Region pages changes (+last sync time)
  • HUD sometimes not allowing actions
  • Drowning began too quickly
  • Some setting messages had global indicator (#) when it wasn't global
  • Australian timezones missing
  • Timezone setting not affecting user profiles properly
  • Server would accept corruption information from SL during maintenance
  • Uncategorised regions on region list