dust bunny


Registered 2017-04-17 21:40:46
K/D 1:1.32
Binds 1:2.26
Bandages 1.02:1


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  • Easy Way Out
    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



JusticeAnn (Norvillian Outlaws) kimibellas (Stygia) 11:29:37 am Norvillian Outlaws
Raizo Takeda (Norvillian Outlaws) kimibellas (Stygia) 11:28:34 am Norvillian Outlaws
Gloriousxsm (Norvillian Outlaws) kimibellas (Stygia) 11:23:25 am Norvillian Outlaws
kimibellas (Stygia) Divinaa Bonetto (Norvillian Outlaws) 11:23:11 am Norvillian Outlaws
Nadelya (Tarnfighter Outlaws) kimibellas (Stygia) 11:21:15 am Norvillian Outlaws
LoganDior (Saints of Gor) kimibellas (Stygia) 7:26:46 am Saints of Gor
LoganDior (Saints of Gor) kimibellas (Stygia) 7:24:15 am Saints of Gor
unholy Toxx (Saints of Gor) kimibellas (Stygia) 7:20:30 am Saints of Gor

kimibellas (Stygia) CICLON Admiral (Legendary Of Gor) 9:09:06 pm TORCA
kimibellas (Stygia) SLDiego 9:07:55 pm TORCA
kimibellas (Stygia) Sphinx0 9:07:46 pm TORCA
kimibellas (Stygia) Aerdna Rossini (Legendary Of Gor) 9:07:26 pm TORCA
keymosabi (TORCA) kimibellas (Stygia) 8:37:12 pm Legendary Of Gor
CICLON Admiral (Legendary Of Gor) kimibellas (Stygia) 8:34:01 pm Legendary Of Gor
kimibellas (Stygia) Deth Darcy 8:08:23 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
Io Eleonara kimibellas (Stygia) 8:07:59 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
Io Eleonara kimibellas (Stygia) 8:07:29 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
DimosWarwick (Saphronicus Stronghold) kimibellas (Stygia) 8:05:56 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
AlarGnaeus kimibellas (Stygia) 8:00:41 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
kimibellas (Stygia) Luriah (Saphronicus Stronghold) 7:57:19 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
kimibellas (Stygia) Io Eleonara 7:55:45 pm Saphronicus Stronghold
JamesCulum (Kalana Woods) kimibellas (Stygia) 7:32:41 pm Norvillian Outlaws
gabbygabitza (Norvillian Outlaws) kimibellas (Stygia) 7:31:23 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Lissy Amulet kimibellas (Stygia) 7:26:08 pm Norvillian Outlaws
kimibellas (Stygia) Raizo Takeda (Norvillian Outlaws) 7:26:03 pm Norvillian Outlaws
DimosWarwick (Saphronicus Stronghold) kimibellas (Stygia) 6:53:38 pm TORCA
DimosWarwick (Saphronicus Stronghold) kimibellas (Stygia) 6:51:37 pm TORCA
DimosWarwick (Saphronicus Stronghold) kimibellas (Stygia) 6:48:12 pm TORCA
kimibellas (Stygia) Nikki0 (Saphronicus Stronghold) 6:48:07 pm TORCA
kimibellas (Stygia) Luriah (Saphronicus Stronghold) 6:48:03 pm TORCA
kimibellas (Stygia) sunnie Crumb (TORCA) 6:46:19 pm TORCA
Makayla Ronas (Norvillian Outlaws) kimibellas (Stygia) 6:05:16 pm Legendary Of Gor
Ferina Foxdale (Norvillian Outlaws) kimibellas (Stygia) 6:04:45 pm Legendary Of Gor
Sphinx0 kimibellas (Stygia) 6:03:08 pm Legendary Of Gor
kimibellas (Stygia) Sphinx0 6:03:07 pm Legendary Of Gor