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K/D 1:1.72
Binds 1:2.24
Bandages 1.13:1


"Beauty can come from the most strangest of places even the most disgusting of places. "

"It's the ugly things I notice more, because other people tend to ignore the ugly things."

-Alexander McQueen


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  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



MissDushi Resident kimibellas 12:02:47 pm Magi of Ianda
Dominique Orfein kimibellas 12:00:24 pm Magi of Ianda
Brookes Christenson kimibellas 11:09:22 am Norvillian Outlaws
kittylover1 kimibellas 11:07:59 am Norvillian Outlaws
kimibellas Esteban Shippe 11:07:57 am Norvillian Outlaws
kittylover1 kimibellas 11:02:52 am Norvillian Outlaws
Mercadon kimibellas 10:15:03 am Magi of Ianda
kimibellas Mercadon 10:14:49 am Magi of Ianda

Akasha Redenblack kimibellas 8:56:22 pm WTF
kimibellas Akasha Redenblack 8:56:21 pm WTF
kimibellas Menagerie Bayn (Argentum Mines) 8:55:09 pm WTF
kimibellas keymosabi 8:29:32 pm Argentum Mines
keymosabi kimibellas 7:32:12 pm WTF
Lucilina kimibellas 7:29:01 pm WTF
lyteria (Blackwater Mers) kimibellas 7:27:00 pm WTF
Lucilina Carrie Jestyr (Blackwater Mers) 7:26:26 pm WTF
Crimlitig8r kimibellas 5:39:40 pm Blackwater Mers
Carrie Jestyr kimibellas 5:38:05 pm Blackwater Mers
Lucilina kimibellas 5:35:01 pm Blackwater Mers
kimibellas Garret Meriman 4:58:47 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
keymosabi kimibellas 4:56:39 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
kimibellas Garret Meriman 4:55:52 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Dioni Fang kimibellas 4:25:02 pm Skjern Marauders
antinoo130dc (WTF) kimibellas 4:23:14 pm Skjern Marauders
kimibellas keymosabi 4:20:51 pm Skjern Marauders

Nummy Leborski (Argentum Mines) kimibellas 9:15:08 pm Argentum Mines
Menagerie Bayn (Argentum Mines) kimibellas 9:13:13 pm Argentum Mines
kimibellas tonioni2 (Argentum Mines) 9:13:10 pm Argentum Mines
kimibellas melanieroman (Argentum Mines) 9:12:35 pm Argentum Mines
kimibellas Chrissybear69 9:12:13 pm Argentum Mines
keymosabi kimibellas 9:11:48 pm Argentum Mines
kimibellas petitefleurebleue 8:45:55 pm WTF
kimibellas bestservedc0ld (Argentum Mines) 8:45:19 pm WTF
kimibellas Cattarina Carter (Argentum Mines) 1:25:10 pm WTF
kimibellas Java Rasa (Unknown) 11:54:40 am WTF